The synchronized final “Biba Egunean Behin”, on ETB1 and its application on December 16

Presented by Xabier Sukia and Maddalen Arzallus, the set will feature couples formed by Maitane Urbieta and Iker Galartza, Julen Telleria and Jon Gotzon Aldaparena, and Sebastian Lizaso and Sara Cozar.

Once a day, the application of games and questions, has finished its eighth season on mobile and to put the icing on the cake, EITB has organized for the second time a grand timed final on EITB Maratoia day.

The final will be played in the special program “Biba Once a Day”, which will be broadcast live on December 16 at 9:30 p.m. on ETB1. Xabier Sukia Y Maddalen Arzallus They will present the great simultaneous contest via mobile phone, which can also be followed on and the EITB YouTube channel.

The journalist Maitane Urbieta and the actor Iker Galartza, who comment on Real Sociedad’s Champions League matches in Euskadi Irratia; the presenters of Gaztea Julen Telleria Y Jon Gotzon Aldaparena, and the bertsolari Sebastian Lizaso and the actress Sara Cozar the three couples who will play live on the set will make up.

Among the guests will also be Erik García Egaña, absolute champion of this season in the application Egunean Behin. Among the 83,223 players who have participated, he has been the one with the most points. On the set, the champion will have the opportunity to show how he is capable of answering 10 questions in under 40 seconds.

As in the previous final, everyone who has the Egunean Behin application will be invited to play through ETB1.

Live connections with EITB Maratoia

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During the “Biba Egunean Behin” program he will make various connections with the EITB Maratoia call center, which will be in full swing.


As in the previous edition, the winner will receive a trip valued at 2000 euros and among all the participants it will be raffled oranother trip of 1,000 euros.

Great success of the synchronized final of July

In July, the synchronized final was played for the first time and 26,000 users connected to the Egunean Behin application during the live program. There were four plays and a total of 53,594 games were played.

The program “Biba Eguna Behin”, carried out by the production company Newmedia and EITB, obtained a 5.7% share and a 14.3% share among Basque speakers. The final had a cumulative audience of 63,000 viewers in the Basque Country and its area of ​​influence.

Anyone who downloads the well-known Egunean Behin application, created by the company CodeSyntax, you will be able to participate in the grand finale that links mobile phones with television. Thus, there is no limit of participants in the game. In the season that has just ended, 3.9 million games have been played among 83,000 people.

Dynamics of the final

The same questionnaires will appear on all mobiles at the same time (at 9:30 p.m.). The first three games will be the same for all participants, while the fourth and decisive game will be played by the 20 best players from the previous three.

Egunean Behin is a tribal style question and answer game that consists of answering 10 questions as quickly as possible among three answer options. The more you hit, the faster the better.

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The final of “Egunean Behin” is the result of the alliance and collaboration of the laboratory of new ideas and contents EITBLab and the company CodeSyntax, which once again use the Tehcho-taimente format that simultaneously uses mobile phones and television, and allows thousands people compete at the same time.

And that is the goal of the department ETBLab: starting from the fact that when we watch television we have our mobile in our hands, take advantage of this situation and make it possible for people to participate live anonymously.

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