The Swedish Parliament concludes that joining NATO would reduce the risk of conflict

The report commissioned by the Swedish Parliament to assess the country’s possible accession to NATO has concluded that entry into the Atlantic Alliance would reduce the risk of a Russian attack and improve its securitywhich paves the way for the Government of the Swedish Prime Minister, Magdalena Andersson, to present a formal request.

The document, which analyzes the new situation generated by the war in Ukraine, considers that Sweden would strengthen its security and that of its neighboring countries by joining the Alliancebut does not include any specific recommendations about accession.

Sweden is heading to break with its neutrality, by virtue of which it was left out of the two world wars and avoided aligning itself with any bloc after the fall of the Soviet Union. The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the definitive trigger, since, according to a Novus poll published this week, the 53% of Swedes support joining NATOcompared to 37% in January.

“Sweden would be part of NATO’s collective security”

The report, which was presented one day after the Finnish president and prime minister decided to support their country’s entry into NATO, considers that Sweden’s status as a NATO ally does not give you guarantees of help in case of attack, since article 5 on collective defense only affects member countries.

Nor does he see room to strengthen cooperation with NATO, nor does he believe it is realistic to think of deepening bilateral alliances outside of it due to a lack of political will to create a collective defense within the European Union. Also, staying out of NATO would require higher defense spending than Alliance members.

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The document also acknowledges that Sweden could suffer cyber attacks or provocations as violations of its airspace or its waters by Russia, especially in the transition period until all member countries ratify a hypothetical request swedish

“The main consequence of an eventual entry into NATO would be that Sweden would be part of its collective security,” said the Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, who has admitted the influence of the Finnish decision for her country.

Criticism of Swedish socialists and environmentalists

The report’s conclusions stem from consensus between six of the eight Swedish parliamentary forcesexcept the ecologists and the Socialist Left Party.

The socialist spokesman, Hakan Svenneling, pointed out during the presentation of the document that he considers that “an analysis of the risks involved in Sweden’s entry is lacking.” “It would be the biggest change in Swedish security policy in a long time. Non-alignment has been very important and has served Sweden for many years,” he added.

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The two parties, external allies of the Government, also have criticized the speed with which the process has developedin which the deadlines have been shortening significantly and in which Sweden took a turn a month and a half ago.

Possible announcement of joining NATO

Linde and his Finnish counterpart are taking part this weekend in a informal meeting of foreign ministers of NATO member countries, to be held in Berlin.

The Social Democrats have called for this Sunday an extraordinary meeting of their leadership with which the process of internal discussion culminates and at the end of which will make public their position on the Alliance, which is expected to be favorable to income.

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The Swedish Parliament will host a special debate next Monday on the occasion of the new security report, in which the Swedish prime minister will participate and which could be followed by an extraordinary meeting of the Government and the announcement of the sending of a formal application for membership. The next day, the Finnish president, Sauli Niinisto, will pay an official visit to Sweden.

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