The Supreme Court refuses to release Forn and Sánchez; March 22, 2018



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The appeals chamber of the Supreme Court understands that the risk of repetition in the crimes for which they are being investigated in the cause of the ‘procés’ persists in both.

The appeals chamber of the Supreme Court has rejected this Thursday the release of both the dismissed Catalan Minister of the Interior Joaquim Forn as the former president of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) and previous candidate to preside over the Generalitat of Catalonia Jordi Sanchez, on understanding that the risk of repetition in the crimes for which they are being investigated in the cause of the ‘procés’ persists in both, legal sources have reported.

The Public Ministry had requested on Tuesday, at the express request of the Attorney General of the State, Julián Sánchez Melgar, that Forn be released under deposit of 100,000 euros for “Humanitarian reasons” Due to the “appearance of tuberculin”, which is the test used to diagnose whether there is tuberculosis infection.

He did so during the hearing held this Tuesday behind closed doors in which the defense also argued in favor of the annulment of the precautionary measure that weighs on the ex-president against the request of the popular prosecution exercised by Vox, who asked that the provisional prison be maintained.

In Sánchez’s case, the decision of the Criminal Chamber has not taken into account what was stated by his defense in the appeal hearing held on the 20th, noting that the deputy of Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) “is willing” to resign in the next few days to the act of deputy to return to his teaching position at the university.

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The following day the deputy formalized this decision by sending a letter to Speaker of the House Roger Torrent.

They have both been in jail since last fall

The court repeats in its files the thesis that has already been advanced in previous ones: “There are no political prisoners in this case, but politicians who are imprisoned for having indirectly committed very serious crimes of rebellion and sedition, among others.”.

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court reviewed these two appeals against individual prison orders issued in February by Judge Llarena. Today he has notified the resolutions, which confirm the preventive detention for both, who have been in jail since last fall.

In both cases, the judges that make up the chamber that reviews appeals against Llarena’s decisions, made up of the magistrates Francisco Monterde, Alberto Jorge Barreiro and Miguel Colmenero, share the judge’s criterion that there is a risk of criminal repetition.

As for Forn, the court recalls that he showed a special determination in the execution of the criminal acts that are imputed to him, “whose organization and execution lasted for a period close to two years.”

Among these facts, the court indicates that it incited “for citizens to vote in an illegal referendum as a preliminary step to independence despite the obvious opposition of the State, and allowed the physical confrontation of citizens with the police forces that tried to ensure compliance with the law”.

Furthermore, the Chamber does not believe that it has definitively abandoned the will to directly confront the State in order to obtain independence.

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The Chamber also responds to the prosecutor in his mention of a disease suffered by Forn “whose existence”, says the Supreme Court, “It does not appear, and that it was not alleged or documented by the defense”.

In relation to the appeal presented by Jordi Sánchez, the Chamber denies that his rights to ideological freedom and political participation have been violated.

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