The Supreme Court judge orders the arrest of Anna Gabriel on February 21, 2018


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The judge rejects the request of the Prosecutor’s Office that had requested an international arrest warrant. Gabriel has assured that the news does not surprise him. “It is a political persecution,” he said.

The Supreme Court, Pablo Llarena, has dictated “national arrest warrant “ against the former CUP deputy, Anna Gabriel, which is located in Switzerland. The magistrate therefore refuses to activate the international order that the Prosecutor’s Office had requested and will be arrested if he returns to the Spanish State, being able to circulate freely outside the Spanish State, legal sources have specified.

Gabriel, who was cited as being investigated for this morning at 09:30 in the Supreme Court, has not gone to court, just as he had announced that it would happen, and the judicial secretary has drawn up a record of his absence after waiting half an hour for him.

Prosecutors Javier Zaragoza and Fidel Cadenas have asked the judge to issue an arrest warrant and to issue an international arrest warrant and surrender to the authorities of this country. As explained in the letter sent to the judge, Gabriel has not appeared without just cause and that this is the second time this has happened, alluding to the summons of last day 14, although Anna Gabriel’s lawyer asked to delay this appearance since he could not come.

Thus, the prosecutors point out that “having eluded the action of Justice” and “for the purposes of prevent him from continuing on the run “, it is of interest that the provisional imprisonment of the same be decreed to proceed to its subsequent claim before the competent Swiss authorities.

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Gabriel notified the judge that he did not plan to go and that he will remain in Switzerland, where he arrived days ago after requesting a postponement of his appearance, initially scheduled for Wednesday. Gabriel’s letter states that he will not have “a fair trial” in Spain, so he has sought “a country that can protect his rights.”

Switzerland, for its part, has already advanced this morning that ‘a priori’ it would reject the extradition of Anna Gabriel because it understands that it is a “political crime”.

Gabriel: ‘It’s a political persecution’

In an interview with TV3 from Geneva, Gabriel was not surprised by the search and arrest warrant issued against her.

Faced with the journalist’s questions about whether he believes that his stay in Switzerland could harm the other defendants, he replied that in criminal law the penalties must be individualized and should not interfere with what the other defendants do.

Gabriel has stressed that he is not in Switzerland because he has chosen to live there, but because he understands that “the lack of rights suffered by the Catalan independentists” in the Spanish state has led him to make the decision to appear before their courts.

“It is not pleasant at all, you leave yours behind, it is hard and painful, I say this for those who believe that we are spending a vacation, but I want to reaffirm my commitment to freedoms and fundamental rights. It is a political persecution, which they want to attribute it does not exist, “he clarified.

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