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Quim Torra ceases to be president of the Generalitat after being sentenced to a year and a half of disqualification. The ANC and Omnium Cultural mobilize thousands of people and ask not to comply with the sentence.


Quim Torra, this morning.  Photo: EFE

The Supreme court has confirmed this Monday the sentence of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia that condemned the president of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Quim Roast, a a year and a half disqualification for disobedience not having removed from the facade of the Generalitat a banner with the yellow ribbon during the electoral period.

The Supreme Court’s decision was made public shortly before 1:00 p.m., and Torra received the official notification of the sentence a few hours later, at which point he was no longer president of Catalonia.

Now, the mechanisms of the Electoral Law and of the Parliament force to wait at least until February 7 to re-elect a new camera elect a new president, and until then, budgets will not be approved either.

The vice president of the Government, Pere Aragonès (ERC), will act as president but without all his prerogatives, and his first function will be to convene an Executive Council that will sign the decree that attributes him the functions of interim president.

The Torra’s last message Before leaving the Generalitat, he has done so from the Gothic Gallery of the Palau de la Generalitat, supported by his cabinet and has been directed especially to the citizens in whose hands he has placed the success of the independence project.

Your bet is that the future elections be a plebiscite and a new mandate of 1-O, a plebiscitary strategy that emulates the one proposed by former president Artur Mas in the elections of September 27, 2015, when the independence movement did not obtain a majority in votes, although it did in seats.

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Torra believes that these elections should be a inflection point: “We are not afraid of the ballot box; the other way around: we want to count ourselves as many times as necessary. We want citizens to always express themselves, we want independence, we want to exercise self-determination.”

The 131st president of the Generalitat, who began the legislature, manifested his commitment to the right of self-determination of the Catalans, has assumed that in his mandate he has not managed to advance in that objective as he would have liked, but has defended that it has been done “a lot of work”, and it has been made available to the Government.

Likewise, Torra has denounced that his disqualification is a “revenge” of the state and he has announced that he will go to Europe in search of justice.

“While the State apparatuses disable a president of the Generalitat, they accompany a monarch accused of corruption to hide in a dictatorship in flight,” he criticized.

Torra has left the Palau de la Generalitat at around 7:20 p.m. through the main access to Plaça Sant Jaume in Barcelona, ​​where he has been sheltered by hundreds of people summoned by the pro-independence entities.

The disabled president has left accompanied by his wife and surrounded by all the members of the Government, who have held with him the banner with the motto “Freedom, political prisoners and exiles” and with a yellow ribbon that has cost him the sentence of the Supreme Court.

(Quim Torra and his wife leaving the Palace of the Generalitat. Photo: EFE)

Unanimity in the Supreme Court

The judges of the Supreme Court, who have made the decision unanimously, affirm that the president disobeyed in form “stubborn and obstinate” to the Central Electoral Board and deny that the freedom of expression de Torra has been in question. “Torra is free to make demonstrations and acts that reflect his political identity, but not to disobey the constitutional body in charge of cleaning up the electoral processes,” they have argued.

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The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia tried Torra accused of disobeying the Central Electoral Board (JEC), which ordered him to remove pro-independence symbols during the electoral period of the elections of April 28, 2019.

During the hearing for the appeal filed against this sentence before the Supreme Court, held on September 17, the Prosecutor’s Office requested confirmation of the conviction while the defense of the president argued, to request his acquittal, that Torra was treated by the Central Electoral Board as a “national minority” for “three words on a banner” that should be part of their freedom of expression.

Sentence fully confirm the judgment of the TSJC, of ​​December 19, 2019. It thus ratifies the special disqualification both for the exercise of elective public positions, whether at local, regional, state or European level, as well as for the performance of government functions, in the areas local, regional and state. In addition, it also confirms the fine of 30,000 euros that was initially imposed on him.

The Supreme Court highlights that the scope of the appeal “is not the display of certain symbols or banners of a certain political option, but their use in electoral periods, disobeying the provisions of the Central Electoral Board, which, in the exercise of its functions, guarantees transparency and objectivity of the electoral processes, prohibited their use, with violation of the principle of neutrality to which the administrations in general must be subjected, contravening express orders “.

The ANC and Omnium Cultural protests bring together thousands of people

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Summoned by the Assemblea Nacional Catalana and Omnium Cultural, thousands of people have gathered this afternoon in front of the town halls of the Catalan municipalities to protest against the disqualification of Quim Torra.

The ANC has asked the government not abide by Torra’s disqualification because “civil and institutional disobedience must go together.”

The president of the ANC, Elisenda Paluzie, He recalled that 95% of the partners of the entity voted not to abide by the disqualification in an internal consultation, and added: “In order not to have more disqualified presidents, we have to stop having regional presidents.”

For his part, the president of Òmnium Cultural and condemned by 1-O, Jordi Cuixart, has assured that this disqualification is an “excuse to manipulate again the democratic will of the people of Catalonia”.

In addition, the vice president of Òmnium Cultural, Marcel Mauri, has asked for a “response at the level of the institutions and the parties” to Torra’s disqualification.

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