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In the last twelve months we have told thousands of stories. All this through endless articles, interviews and reports in a year marked by COVID-19, the La Palma volcano and sporting events such as the European Championship or the Olympic Games in Japan. Por that same reason We wanted to summarize the year in the articles that most interested you in 2021. Below we offer you those of last June

David, the young Valencian who works in the mines of Australia: “I earn triple what I earned in Spain”

For some years now, the image of the educated young man who is forced to leave Spain to find a job has been a constant feature. It is the story of thousands of youths that every year, tired of not finding a job or of finding a job with insufficient working conditions, they decide to pack their bags and try their luck outside national borders. Among them we can find that of David Exposito, who went to Australia to work in the mine and now charges triple than if he did in Spain.

Cagliari admit they can no longer afford to pay Godín’s salary

After years and years at Atlético de Madrid, Uruguayan Diego Godín was trying his luck in the Italian league. First at Inter Milan and then at Cagliari, where he has experienced all kinds of emotions since arriving last year. Although he joined a team he liked, his stay at Cagliari was not the idyllic one. All this because of his high salary, which was close to precipitating his end in the Italian squad.

Do you know what this new road sign means? The DGT clarifies its meaning

The General Directorate of Traffic continues to add new traffic signs with the aim of offering as much information as possible about the situation on the road. On this occasion, the organism presented a signal in which you can see the image of a car and some small black dots sprouting from its exhaust pipe. Did you know what it indicates? As explained by the General Directorate of Traffic through its social networks, it is the new signal to identify Low Emission Zones.

A reporter goes to blood with pardons and takes the lesson of his life from a professor

The saying goes that a good understanding few words are enough, but for those who do not want to listen, not even the best of all explanations is enough, as has happened to a professor in Political Science and International Relations at the Complutense University of Madrid, Francisco Aldecoa Luzárraga, when asked by a young reporter from the media EDA TV for pardons: “Is it concord to get criminals out of jail? “

The Federation, annoyed with the environment of Sergio Ramos

2021 has been a turbulent year for Sergio Ramos both due to the multiple injuries that he has dragged along throughout the season and his departure from Real Madrid. Also due to his departure from the national team, to which it seems difficult that he will return soon. A piece of news that bothered the environment of the Andalusian footballer, who criticized the Royal Spanish Football Federation for leaving the captain of the team out.

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