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He had been exploring new and interesting locations for a long time to set up a new winery with which to complete his wine offer in Spain. And it seems that he has succeeded. Vega Sicilia will open its sixth winery in Galicia. With this new commitment, the CEO of Tempos Vega Sicilia, Pablo Álvarez, adds to the portfolio of wines of the winery group, one of the most recognized in the world, the opportunity to make a great Spanish white wine, in this case, with Albariño grapes. The winery declined to comment on the project to Five days.

This new category was the pending subject of the Álvarez family in the Spanish market, where it produces red wines in the four wineries that has distributed by different denominations of origin, such as Vega Sicilia, acquired by the founder of Eulen, David Álvarez, in 1982, and where the labels of Único, Valbuena and Único Reserva Especial, and Alión, both in Ribera del Duero, Pintia, in Toro, and Macán come from. , which is made jointly with the Rothschild family in Rioja.

To these is added a fifth winery, Oremus, located in the town of Tolcsva, in Tokaj (Hungary), the first denomination of origin in the world known for sweet wines and where, so far, the only white wines of the group are made. . The winery was acquired almost 30 years ago by the patriarch and It was the first to start producing and marketing dry whites in this region., declared a World Heritage Site in 2002. They were pioneers and are the benchmark for this type of wine made with the furmint grape.

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An effort by Pablo Álvarez, who began testing dry whites for years, from 1994 to 1999, until in 2001 he launched the first vintage of a wine that has been perfected over time in the Burgundy style, and which concluded with the presentation, with a renewed image in 2016, of the current Mandolás. Since February of this year there is a second wine in this category, Petracs 2017.

The fact that Vega Sicilia has decided to bet on Galicia, recognized for its white wines from the Rías Baixas, Ribeira Sacra, Ribeiro, Valdeorras and Monterrei, further enhances the wine prestige of this region.

It already happened more than two decades ago, when Baron Benjamin Rothschild, owner, among other wineries, of Château Lafite Rothschild, and Pablo Álvarez decided to enter together in one of the most recognized areas of Spain, such as Rioja. It was in 2003 when they began in the foothills of the Sierra de Cantabria, a ambitious project which materialized with the launch in 2009 of Macán, one of the most desired wines, since it was sold out as soon as it went on sale, as happened with Macán Clásico.

It was not easy to enter Rioja. In fact, the first wines were made in a rented winery, and the purchase of vineyards was made on behalf of third parties to maintain discretion at all times, but above all to contain the price of the hectare of vineyard. The winery was officially opened in 2017, designed by the architect Enrique Johansson, and between vineyards and brick, 34 million euros were invested in total.

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Tempos Vega Sicilia has resisted the pandemic. Turnover in 2020 reached 36 million euros, which represented a fall of just 1.8% with respect to the turnover of 2019, a slight setback if one takes into account that sales in the wine sector fell close to 30%. 51.2% of revenues correspond to the international market. Last year’s ebitda was 22.7 million, the same as the previous year, and net profit reached 18.5 million. The group, controlled by the brothers Marta, Elvira, Juan Carlos, Emilio and Pablo Álvarez Mezquiriz, put 1,150,000 bottles of all the wines from the five wineries on sale.

The best-selling wine of the group (and the most expensive)

Abundant. Although the house’s most sought-after and desired wine is Único, the most commercial of the Tempos Vega Sicilia group is Alión (Ribera del Duero). It is a wine of which around 310,000 bottles are sold per vintage, and since its launch in 1991 some 5.5 million units have been shipped, of which 1.5 million have been in the last five years. The most generous vintage was that of 2004, in which 330,000 bottles were reached.

The jewel. And the most expensive Vega Sicilia wine is made in Hungary and is known as the elixir of the gods. Of Eszencia 800 bottles (0.375L) are made, at a price of more than 350 euros.

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