The six most emblematic moments of Carmen Salinas on stage

Mexican actress Carmen Salinas in a production of 'Aventurera', in February 2017.
Mexican actress Carmen Salinas in a production of ‘Aventurera’, in February 2017.Darkroom

The death of the actress Carmen Salinas (1939-2021) has shaken the world of entertainment and social networks. His death has been a trend since Thursday night, dozens of media have covered his funeral this Friday and multiple colleagues have paid tribute to him.

“Carmelita Salinas is one of those characters who were always there, who always shone anywhere,” the specialized journalist said in an interview. Susana Muscat, who covered several performances of the actress. “He had an unmatched talent and he showed a lot in Adventuress”Recalls the communicator. “When I got to the first rehearsal, you could see the emotion, he took us from one side of the Ángeles Room to the other and although there was nothing on, he was describing how it was going to be,” he says.

Adventuress It was a staging that lasted for 16 years almost uninterrupted and where she acted, produced and chose the protagonists. It is a play written in 1949 by the Spanish Álvaro Custodio and directed in the cinema by the Mexican Alejandro Gout. When it was in charge of Salinas, the first protagonist was the actress Edith González, and later other figures such as Itatí Cantoral and Niurka joined. “It was always interesting to know who would be the next adventurer,” says Moscatel.

His career, however, took off with the so-called ficheras cinema in the seventies. One of its best-known characters, La Corcholata, first appeared on the show Beauties at Night (1975), but he also participates in other films such as The Pulqueria (1966). During this decade, Salinas was seen developing in the world of chips and cabaret, as in the movie Mexican Albures (1975).

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It was in soap operas where Salinas found the opportunity to demonstrate his acting skills. He made his debut in The neighborhood (1964), but was part of emblematic productions such as Maria mercedes (1992) the Hug me very tight (2000). In your participation in Between love and hate (2002) can be seen in one of her classic roles: a self-sacrificing, but brave mother, willing to hit hard in order to protect her loved ones. “You are a coarse dog,” he says in one of his dialogues commented on in the media.

No role more important than the one she performed as herself on television: conducting the controversial talk show from Televisa, Even in the best families. Its broadcast was surrounded by controversy, since it presented dramas supposedly from real life, while the public had people who looked with some deformity, with wigs or disguised as some sinister character. Being broadcast during family hours, shortly after noon, it was canceled due to the barrage of complaints to the television station.

Over the years, Carmelita Salinas, as she was best known in the entertainment world in Mexico, became an eminence and a mandatory voice of consultation on any matter of the heart. “Before social media started, I was the person you asked for their opinion on almost anything,” recalls Moscatel. “It started as a joke, but it became serious and journalists always went to it,” he says. Whether she spoke of other artists, a skirt scandal, or her position on abortion, Salinas always had her say. During her funeral, dozens of journalists came to say goodbye to the actress, who was almost a friendship more than a celebrity.

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If a soccer team in Mexico had such a loyal follower, it was the Chivas del Guadalajara. Carmen Salinas, from the beginning on stage, was constantly seen wearing her team’s shirt and sending cheers, especially when they faced their eternal archrival, the Águilas del América. “We can hardly see someone with such versatility as her,” muscatel reflects as a farewell to the Mexican actress, impersonator, singer and host.

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