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Even with the hangover from the Ondas Awards, ‘El Larguero’ with Manu Carreño at the helm traveled to the Cadena SER studios in Barcelona to analyze the last football hour.

Dani Alves has already started training under Xavi, but it should be remembered that he cannot play until January. On the other hand, Gareth Bale has fallen injured again. The Welsh player played for his national team for 45 minutes and now has discomfort in the calf.

Gareth Bale: injured again

The Real Madrid footballer dressed again in shorts more than two months later. In Wales’ 5-1 win over Belarus, the player provided an assist in his 45 minutes in Cardiff. Now, everything indicates that his new discomfort in the calf will have him away from the playing fields for several days.

Antonio Romero: “The Real Madrid shield has been passed over the lining. Real Madrid would do well if it stops publicly protecting Gareth Bale. When the game ended, he lied at the press conference. He stated that it was agreed and it was not. When he arrives in Madrid, he prohibits the doctors from publicly telling what is happening to him. “

Axel Torres: “He had good years, with great conditions. In the end, if you stop to think, he has scored in two European Cup finals, he has been a decisive player in his team’s titles and that will remain forever. you can present him on your service record. What has been frustrating has been his regularity. “

What can Dani Alves contribute to Barça?

The 38-year-old Brazilian winger has already completed two training sessions under Xavi. This Wednesday he will be presented at the Camp Nou in front of his new fans, who have already requested more than ten thousand tickets to go to the Barça fiefdom.

Marcos López: “He is strange and singular, like everything that has happened at Barça lately. He is signed more than if he were simply a player. For me he is a signing more in the dressing room than in the field.”

Lu Martín: “It seems that the players are worse than they always are. Alves is a footballer who can continue to contribute. He will be in the dressing room for two months because he will not play until January.”

Ramón Besa: “Before the state of mind was raised with Ronaldinho’s state of mind, now it is with that of Alves, so that we understand the situation. It is all ‘back’: Laporta, Xavi, Dani Alves, etc. For five years Barça has been unable to find a right back. “

Antonio Romero: “Alves has not competed since the Olympic Games. From the outside, the joy of the dressing room sounds like a joke, for that reason they sign Broncano. Xavi must have something in his head to have said yes. What message is he sending to Dest, Sergi Roberto and Mingueza with the arrival of Alves? “

Axel Torres: “I was surprised, I had to read it twice to believe it.”

Juan Carlos Unzué presents his book

‘A full life’ is the book by Juan Carlos Unzué to benefit the fight against ALS. Ramón Besa, Marcos López and Luis Martín were the ones who captured the stories of their lives related to the world of football.

Ramón Besa: “He is very active. He has started a crusade to make visible what it means that the Commonwealth has no cure. His fight is to awaken politicians and people with influence so that for a time the antidote can be found.”

Jordi Martí: “The question is: what assistance is given to ALS patients? The treatment the disease deserves is hospital in nature.”

Lu Martín: “It is about buying the book to help ALS sufferers.”


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