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A total of 140 workers, of the 290 that make up the workforce, rejoin the plant. Tapia has said that the conditions are not “ideal”, but it is “a first step”.


The Bizkaia Compact Steelworks (ACB) in Sestao (Bizkaia) started its activity this Friday at 7:00 p.m. after being closed since last February due to the situation of losses that the Biscayan plant dragged. The plant will produce around 10,000-12,000 tonnes a month, and it will only run on weekends.

A total of 140 workers, of the 290 that make up the workforce, rejoin the plant, while a hundred will access partial retirement when they turn 61 and another 50 will be in an ERE “waiting for them to rejoin if the market allows it. “

The plant will be dedicated to R&D and it will have the resources to research and develop both new products with high added value and technology associated with its process, for which it will be eligible for grants from the Basque Government.

Since the group announced in August that the Sestao CBA was going to resume its activity this Friday, the training of the workers, the fine-tuning of the facilities, and the stockpiling of materials to start up the plant have been carried out. .

The steel mill will produce on weekends, in twelve-hour shifts, between 10,000 and 12,000 tons of “specific” products of the ACB that are not produced in other plants, waiting for the market situation to improve and “the workload can be increased”.

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The same sources have highlighted that with this industrial plan that is being launched, which was supported by the workers, “it ensures the viability of the plant in the short and medium term” with current market conditions “which are still very complicated.”

They are not the “ideal” conditions

The Minister of Economic Development and Competitiveness of the Basque Government, Arantza Tapia, has recognized that the conditions of reopening of the Sestao ACB, which this Friday resumes its activity to produce during the weekends, are not the “ideal”, but it is “a first step”.

In statements to Onda Vasca, collected by Europa Press, asked about the reopening this Friday of the Sestao ACB during the weekends, after six months of hiatus, the counselor has valued that it has been “This opening was achieved with the conditions agreed with the union part“.

“It is a first step. The conditions are neither ideal nor optimal, but we understand that the company is willing to make the necessary investments so that the plant dedicates itself to the development of a new product, differentiation and the search for new markets and will be able to in the near future to put himself in a capacity like the one he had previously, “he assured.

As highlighted, the Sestao plant has “a twin” in the US and that “works well and at full capacity”, so it is a facility with a “future”.


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