The scandals of Boris Johnson’s mandate

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson refuses to leave his post despite the trickle of resignations by members of his government. After the notorious resignation of the Ministers of Economy and Health for losing confidence in the British leader shortly after learning that he had appointed the conservative Christopher Pincher despite having been informed about the accusations of sexual abuse of the legislator, some thirty party colleagues , from secretaries to aides and parliamentary positions, have abandoned their posts.

Johnson, who was already weakened after surviving last month’s confidence motion promoted by his party, now faces to the biggest political crisis since he came to power in 2019. After Theresa May’s resignation due to the ‘Brexit’ crisis, Johnson conquered the electorate by promising to execute the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union with or without an agreement with the Twenty-seven.

Since then, various scandals have marred his mandate, undermining the popularity of the candidate who just three years ago won the landslide electoral victory to which he still clings. These are some of the issues that have hurt Johnson politically.

The sexual scandals of the legislator of one of the ‘tories’

The resignations of the health and finance ministers, two of the most important portfolios in the British government, followed allegations by a former senior official that Johnson’s office had given false information about the sexual harassment allegations filed in the past against the legislator Christopher Pincher.

In February, the prime minister chose Pincher as his deputy in charge of maintaining parliamentary discipline for the Conservative group, but last week Pincher submitted his resignation from the party, without giving up his seatafter acknowledging that he had made other people uncomfortable during a drunken night.

pincher would have groped two men in a private club in London associated with the Conservative Party: “I drank too much, I have embarrassed myself and other people, I apologize,” he declared.

New accusations of harassment against British ‘tory’ MP Chris Pincher

However, in 2017 He already had to resign when he was singled out for harassing an Olympic rower. Of course, Theresa May rescued him shortly after and became in charge of relations with the European Union.

Initially, Johnson’s office assured that the prime minister was unaware of the specific accusations that had been made in the past against Pincher. However, on Monday, former high-ranking official Simon McDonald reported that Johnson had been notified in person of a formal complaint against Pincher in 2019.

The ‘Partygate’, the scandal over private parties during the pandemic

The term “Partygate” was coined to refer to notorious parties celebrated by members of the Governmenteven in the prime minister’s own office, which had violated the strict regulations decreed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Johnson he was fined by the police for attending a birthday partyand was forced to apologize to Queen Elizabeth after it was discovered that staff had partyed in Downing Street on the eve of her husband Prince Philip’s funeral in April 2021. The queen had sat alone at the funeral because it was forbidden to mingle inside.

A report by Sue Gray the celebration revealed a series of illegal partiesdetailing cases of heavy drinking that led to a fight and even vomiting by staff.

Parliament is still investigating whether Johnson repeatedly misled lawmakers when He repeatedly denied being aware of the illegal parties. Johnson has argued that at the time he sincerely believed that the meetings were not breaking the law, but he now accepts that he was wrong.

The controversial extension of Parliament to carry out the ‘Brexit’

In the summer of 2019, in the midst of a crisis to carry out ‘Brexit’, Queen Elizabeth II ordered a parliamentary extension at the request of the prime minister. On September 10, the suspension of the Chamber materialized, causing a stir around the country due to a decision that some called a “coup d’état.”

Despite the fact that this mechanism is common in the United Kingdom, the controversy was caused by the possible consequences that the extension could have with respect to ‘Brexit’, which had been overthrown by the British Parliament on multiple occasions and was established as the main issue that divided both politicians and citizens.

Opposition members saw the prime minister’s move as a controversial and unconstitutional attempt to avoid parliamentary control of government plans to leave the country from the European Union.

Finally, the British Justice annulled the extension, which was scheduled to last until October 14, and was considered “null and void.” When Parliament resumed, the prorogation ceremony was removed from the House Journal and parliamentary activity continued as if the prorogation ceremony had never occurred.

More sex scandals of the ‘tories’

In addition to Pincher’s, the conservative group led by Johnson it has been punctuated by other scandals of ‘tories’ accused of sexual abuse or inappropriate behavior, including two that led to the resignation of lawmakers. In both cases, the Conservatives lost the special elections held last month to replace them.

Conservative lawmaker Imran Ahmad Khan resigned after being convicted of sexually abusing a 15-year-old boy. Neil Parish, another Conservative lawmaker, resigned after admitting he saw porn on his phone in the House of Commons on two occasions, in what he called “an insane moment”.

Lastly, another ‘Torie’ legislator has been detained on suspicion of rape, sexual assault, and other crimes. He was released on bail in May but has not been identified in the media to protect the identity of the alleged victim.

The Owen Paterson Affair

Last year, Parliament’s Rules Committee recommended suspending lawmaker and former Conservative minister Owen Paterson for 30 daysafter finding that he had committed a “heinous case of paid law” by exerting pressure on the government on behalf of companies that paid him.

It was then that Johnson came under fire for attempt to overhaul lawmakers’ investigative process to avoid suspension. After a series of damaging headlines, the legislator resigned and the government abandoned the proposed changes. The Conservatives also lost the election to fill the Paterson seat.

The controversial renovation of the Prime Minister’s apartment

Following the renovation of Johnson’s Downing Street flat, led by a famous designer and featuring gold wallpaper, the British Electoral Commission fined the Conservatives £17,800 for failing to correctly report a donation they had received to pay for it.

Johnson’s ethics adviser later criticized the prime minister for failing to disclose some of the messages exchanged with the donor. Nevertheless, concluded that Johnson had not intentionally lied about the messages.

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