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Monday dawns pending the rising of the river in the Ribera Alta del Ebro, in Aragon, after the floods that have left two dead in Navarra and that this Sunday flooded several municipalities of that community. The most worrying thing in recent hours has focused on the municipality of Novillas, the first to be found by the Ebro in the province of Zaragoza, and where more than 50 residents were evacuated last night.

It was there that the military emergency unit acted last night on one of the buttes of the river to prevent the water from reaching the urban area.

The Aragonese president, Javier Lambán, met this Sunday the mayors of the affected areas and warned them before a long night. He has recognized that there is concern and that the population of the riverbank is concerned, in addition to the fact that, due to the time of year, with late dawns, it forces us to take measures well in advance.

The president of Aragon has transferred his confidence to the prepared operation and also hopes that the cleaning, vegetation and riverbed work that has been carried out these years will have positive effects to alleviate the damage.

Eviction of 55 neighbors

The first floods have forced the eviction of 55 residents of 23 homes on Pablo Herráez de Novillas street, in an evacuation in which 16 Civil Guard agents have participated, a body that has been reinforced with troops arriving from Madrid.

The UME has 292 displaced personnel and the support of 102 vehicles and a helicopter for the development of its work and, since yesterday, the medium equipment for pumping water and sludge has been prepared for the extraction and forwarding of water loaded with suspended material or dissolved and a pumping capacity of 320 m3 / h.

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The Red Cross has set up beds for two hundred people in each of the Luceni and Tauste (Zaragoza) pavilions, which have been set up as temporary shelters, which are voluntarily in charge of the Immediate Emergency Response Team (ERIE) of the shelter and psychosocial of the organization and to which part of the evacuated neighbors of Novillas have been transferred after carrying out an antigen test.

Red Cross sets up shelters in the Luceni and Tauste pavilions for the eviction of the residents of Novillas. / CRUZ ROJA ZARAGOZA (CRUZ ROJA ZARAGOZA)

In Heifers, about 600 sheep have been evacuated, although there are still another 400 and as many lambs inside and work has been done to reinforce a speck or wall near the beef farm but the head of cattle are still inside at this time, reported the Government of Aragon.

The river exceeds six meters in height in Tudela

In Tudela, the river exceeded six meters in height and the maximum flow is expected to reach the town of Pradilla this morning, with levels that are above the great avenue of six years ago. The president of Navarra has called for this Monday a meeting with the 74 municipalities that have been damaged by this episode of floods that has left two deaths. This Sunday the body of a 61-year-old neighbor who disappeared on Friday and whose van fell into the river was rescued. He was the second victim to leave this storm.

The Ebro passes through Tudela. / GETTY IMAGES

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