the referendum will be held ‘at the latest in September’


Interview in ‘On Jake’

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In an interview on the etb2 program ‘En Jake’, he stated that he should go to vote for ‘a minimum of 50%’ of citizens to be taken into consideration.


The program ‘En Jake’ from etb2 has interviewed this noon to Artur Mas to analyze with the former president of the Generalitat the last hour on the current political situation in Catalonia and on the judicial process opened against him.

Thus, Mas has ensured that the Catalan referendum will be held as “maximum in September”, if it is not held before, but the choice of a date is subject to the decision made by the President of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, in this regard.

The former president has argued that “what started on the street and at the polls has to end on the street and at the polls“, and has stated that he should go to vote in the referendum”a minimum of 50%“of the citizens, so that this is taken into consideration.

The president of PDeCat has also affirmed that if the State proposes an intermediate solution for Catalonia “it should be submitted to a referendum along with the possibility of opting for independence.”

He explained that when he said that there could be an intermediate solution between the independence of Catalonia and the current self-government, he put two conditions: “that this proposal of the State be submitted to a referendum in Catalonia and that it be possible to vote at the same time for the option of independence. “.

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Likewise, Mas has warned those who defend the intervention of the autonomy of Catalonia by the State or the use of the Army to “be careful” because the Catalan people will not have a “reaction of subjects” nor will they respond with a “yes Bwuana” .

The expresident has recognized that by betting on the sovereign process they run the risk of not achieving their aspirations, but has argued that “if you do not risk and do not fight, you have already lost” because Catalonia “was on the ropes, with a second division self-government “.

Meeting with the PNV

Artur Mas, together with Francesc Homs (your party’s spokesperson in Congress), has previously met with the president of the PNV, Andoni Ortuzar, at the headquarters of your party.

But he has assured that his party “does not have to complain” if the PNV does not bet on an independence strategy and has recalled that when the Lehendakari Ibarretxe promoted the right to decide of Euskadi in its new Statute, rejected in Congress, the Catalan nationalists they did not follow that path.

“We have always had a very frank and cordial relationship with the PNV and today it is no exception to that good understanding,” Mas said.

For their part, as reported by the PNV in a note, the Basque nationalists have shown their “respect and sympathy” towards “the political action that both the PDeCAT and the Catalan institutions are developing.”

In the meeting, which lasted almost an hour and a half, both delegations analyzed the current political situation in the Basque Country, Catalonia and the whole of the Spanish State.

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Mas and Homs, according to the PNV, have stressed their “willingness to engage in real and effective negotiations with the Spanish Government and their firm determination to call a referendum on the independence of Catalonia throughout 2017”, at the very latest in September.

Conference with Ibarretxe

Also, yesterday afternoon, Wednesday, the Kursaal de San Sebastián gave a conference on the right to decide, in which the ex-lehendakari also intervened, Juan José Ibarretxe.

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