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The reason for his trip to Brussels would be to obstruct a possible extradition and force the Belgian justice to analyze the merits of the case.

President Carles Puigdemont and five councilors of the Government dismissed by the Government of Mariano Rajoy they are in brussels, where this Tuesday they plan to offer a press conference, as reported by several Catalan media.

The dismissed councilors who have traveled with the president would be the head of the Interior, Meritxell Borras; the one of Health, Antoni Comin; the Interior, Joaquim Forn; that of Labor and Social Affairs, Dolors Bassa; and the holder of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Food, Meritxell Serret.

The reason for the trip has not been clarified, but several media assure that Puigdemont and the five members of his government could request political asylum.

The Belgian Secretary of State for Migration and Asylum, Theo Francken, suggested on his Twitter account that Puigdemont can request political asylum in Belgium, an option that was later rejected by the Belgian Prime Minister, Charles Michel.

The political asylum It is the protection that another state offers you to avoid being extradited from one country to another that requires you or that persecutes you to be tried for allegedly committing political crimes.

Political asylum can be granted within the territory of a state or at a diplomatic headquarters, such as an embassy, ‚Äč‚Äčregardless of which country the embassy is located in. In the first case it is called territorial asylum, while in the second it receives the name of diplomatic asylum.

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However, other sources point out that Puigdemont will not request political asylum and that the trip to Brussels is a consequence of a strategy of the legal services of the Government, since the crime of rebellion It does not exist on the double criminality list of the European Union and, therefore, the president and his ministers could not be immediately extradited.

In a interview in ETB, journalist Elisa Beni has explained that the objective would be to force the National High Court to issue a European arrest warrant and that the Belgian justice has to analyze the merits of the question: it will have to clarify if the crime of rebellion exists in the Belgian Penal Code and if there are indications to accuse Puigdemont and his ministers of having committed such a crime.

Puigdemont’s lawyer

Meanwhile, Puigdemont already has a lawyer in Belgium. Is about Paul Bekaert, a lawyer specialized in the defense of Human Rights and European arrest and extradition orders.

Bekaert has confirmed that he has met with Puigdemont around 3:00 p.m. on Monday, but has appealed to professional secrecy to not reveal details of the conversation they have had.

Asked if Puigdemont is considering applying for political asylum in Belgium, his lawyer in the country has warned that “for now there is nothing decided” and that this Tuesday more details will be known when Puigdemont himself makes a statement.

So far, the place and time of Puigdemont’s appearance is unknown.

Bekaert is also known for having requested political asylum for Basque citizens related to ETA on several occasions.

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