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The National Police have beheaded the radical leadership of the Boixos Nois group in an operation that began earlier this month that has resulted in 14 detainees and 18 house searches in which ten firearms, numerous knives and various weapons have been seized. narcotic substances. Of the fourteen detainees, who are accused of crimes against public health, exploitation for the prostitution of women, illegal possession of weapons and money laundering, among others, seven have already entered prison.

As reported by the National Police on Thursday, those arrested led an extremely violent criminal organization with a marked multi-crime character, thus specialized in different crimes such as drug trafficking, coercive prostitution or the importation of illegal drugs. In addition to the weapons seized in the records, a kilo of cocaine, more than 5,000 marijuana plants, hashish, various narcotic substances and numerous neo-Nazi material linked to this group and to the ‘Hell’s Angels motorcycle gang have also been seized. ‘, to which one of its leaders belonged. In fact, this police operation, deployed since the beginning of November, is part of the National Counter-Terrorism Strategy in relation to violent extremism.

Likewise, more than 20 bank accounts have been blocked, three homes and 27 vehicles have been seized, and more than 300,000 euros in cash have been seized, allegedly from the illegal activities carried out by the organization. The police operation was ordered by court number 1 of Sabadell (Barcelona), which yesterday raised the secrecy of the proceedings.

The investigation began in the first quarter of 2020, when the investigators detected how this criminal network, whose link would be the ultra Boixos Nois group, acted as a true hierarchical and disciplined criminal organization, and with an excessive violent character that they manifested in front of to other organizations and clans that tried to dispute their areas of action.

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During the investigation, the agents concluded that they were allegedly committing a wide range of serious crimes in order to finance them, from drug trafficking, for which they had a complex network of producers and distributors, to prostitution. Thus, a remarkable fact of this operation has been the neutralization of a floor for the coercive prostitution of women.

The economic returns resulting from this illicit activity became the basis for financing their activities, mainly related to attending musical and sporting events for the dissemination of hatred, hostility and violence towards other vulnerable or antagonistic groups.

This radical faction, according to the National Police, would be the heir to the one known as ‘Casuals’, dismantled a few years ago with the arrest and imprisonment of some of its members accused of extortion and kidnapping. The investigations continue under the direction of the titular judge of the Court of Instruction number 1 of Sabadell (Barcelona), who has received all the detainees in declaration.


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