The PSOE registers the investigation of abuses in the Church

The PSOE has registered this Monday in Congress a non-law proposal in which it is entrusted to the Ombudsman, Ángel Gabilondo, to lead the investigation into the abuses in the Church through a commission in which there would be independent experts and representatives of the bishops.

“My party wants to face as rigorously as possible, but also in the most empathetic and fair way with the victims, an issue that our country cannot take any longer”, underlined the socialist deputy Carmen Calvo, at a press conference that she offered together with the PSOE spokesman in Congress, Héctor Gómez.

The latter has explained that what is proposed is that the Ombudsman prepare a report on allegations of sexual abuse in the area of ​​the Catholic Church and the role of public authorities, a mission in which Gabilondo would have the support of this commission, which would also include representatives of victims’ associations.

“This report aims to do a thorough, deep, detailed work on what has happened,” explained Gómez, who has expressed the “sincere and honest will” of the PSOE to speak with all parliamentary groups.

Once the report, which would include recommendations to avoid these abuses in the future, will be debated in the plenary session of Congress, according to the initiative of the PSOE, which hopes to have the necessary votes for its approval.

A formula different from the one registered by UP, ERC and EH Bildu

The initiative now proposed by the PSOE is different from that registered by United We Can, Esquerra Republicana and EH Bildu, who have demanded to create an investigation commission on the abuses in the Lower House and that last Tuesday, the Congress Table admitted for processing, with the vote against the PP and Vox. Once the initiative has been qualified, the next step is to set a date for its debate in plenary, but the PSOE had not advanced its support or not for this proposal. Nor had he expressed himself about the PNV’s proposal to propose an independent Commission, which would be more similar to the one launched by the Socialists.

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The Socialists’ Proposal try to position yourself as a better option that a parliamentary investigation, since a team close to the president, Pedro Sánchez, would have reached the conclusion, after studying similar cases in nearby countries, that Congress would not be the right place to carry out such a process. In this way, the PSOE would not finally join the initiative of United We Can, Esquerra and EH Bildu, so it would not go ahead.

According to Europa Press reports, the experts that will make up the independent commission proposed by the PSOE have not yet been elected, although the Government has assured that in addition to representatives of the Church, the Administration and the victims, they have the idea that there be, specialized professionals, prosecutors and psychologists.

Before the press conference on Monday, the spokeswoman for the Executive, Isabel Rodríguez, indicated in an interview with TVE that the purpose of the Government is to respond to the victims and “compensate what they have suffered” but “Do it calmly, calmly, rigorously and without the noise that normally accompanies the Congress of Deputies”.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, stressed this Sunday that the victims of abuse in the Church “cannot continue to be silenced” and stressed that it’s “time to repair” your pain and “prevent it from happening again.”

The Stolen Childhood Association, which represents victims of abuse in the Church, has opined that the decision of the PSOE that a commission led by the Ombudsman be the one to lead the investigation of this type of aggression is the “ideal model” in order to “achieve effectiveness and efficiency”.

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In a statement, that association has expressed “very satisfied” before “the model established by Pedro Sánchez” and the Socialist Party which is, in his opinion, “suitable for achieving truth, justice, reparation and accompaniment and for recognition, something so fundamental for, to some extent, the healing of victims, can finally come”.

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