The PSOE defends that the Constitution can “advance” with some changes

The Day of the constitution has left a political hangover this Tuesday, in which PSOE and PP have urged each other to comply with the Magna Carta. But they have done it from different perspectives and with their mutual criticism. While the socialists call the Popular Party to open up to incorporate changes in the Constitution and to agree and facilitate the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ), the ‘popular’ charge against the “cynicism” of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, andand “require” that it ask its partners to comply with the Constitution: “Starting with the first article, defense of national unity.”

This is how the spokesman for the Executive of the PSOE has spoken, Felipe Sicily, and the MEP of the PP Dolors Montserrat in interviews in La Hora de la 1 of TVE. Montserrat has also charged against the speech of the president of Congress, Meritxell Batet, on the occasion of this event, while Sicilia has defended it.

“Yesterday, the president of the Congress gave a good speech and very correctly analyzed the situation that exists right now,” assured Sicilia. Specific, Batet claimed “loyalty” to the Constitution and warned of “the dynamics of confrontation in Congress”. In the same line, Sicily has criticized that there are “forces installed in the blockade” (in reference to the PP), which in his opinion “harms democracy and contributes little to comply with the Constitution.”

“It must be fulfilled”, Sicilia has influenced, and has said that “the best way ”is to start with the renewal of the CGPJ. “For three years we have already been with the blockade because the PP refuses to negotiate this renewal” despite the fact that the Constitution “obliges” to do so.

The PSOE: “The Constitution has to adapt, move forward”

Next, he has reproached the PP that “Even to change a simple term”, such as ‘diminished‘, in the Magna Carta, “has been against” and “has voted no ”.

In this regard, he has argued that “The Constitution has to adapt, from nomenclatures or questions that should be simple to other more important ”. And he has given as an example some that “the PSOE has raised”, such as the right to health, “which does not appear as a fundamental right.”

“But for that, the Constitution has to advance “ and to achieve some kind of reform “a good political climate and understanding are needed.” “Unfortunately the PP is not in it (…) it is not for the sake of being able to dialogue,” he has sentenced.

Montserrat, for his part, has defended that Spain has to “congratulate itself” on this “great Constitution” that it has given the country “the best successes” for citizens and that together with the integration of Spain into Europe have been “the two best things” that have happened in democracy.

The PP charges against the “partisan use” of Batet in “such an important day”

Regarding Constitution Day, which he followed from Brussels, he said: “It saddened me to see how the president of Congress made a partisan use of his speech on such an important day ”. “Or see a cynical president saying that the articles have to be fulfilled ‘from top to bottom,” he added.

Montserrat (PP) demands that Sánchez “ask his partners to comply” with the Constitution, “starting with the defense of territorial unity”

Next, has “demanded” Sánchez to “ask his partners to comply with all the articles of the Constitution ”, starting with the first,“ that of the defense of territorial unity “, or others such as the one related to compliance with judicial decisions so that in Catalonia it is guaranteed 25% of education in Spanish in classrooms.

With respect to CGPJ, Montserrat has insisted on the demand of the ‘popular’ to reform the election system of the vowels to be able to agree on their renewal.

“Europe has told us what the PP of Spain has been defending,” he asserted: “It demands that we comply with the judicial independence and European standards and that the judges elect the judges ”.

Thus, has asked Sánchez to “propose a law” that goes along this line. And regarding the negotiation, he has insisted that “The advance has to be made by whoever governs”. “He must put on the table a law in favor of judicial independence (…) it is the condition that the PP has set and what Europe demands,” he stressed: “Sánchez has it very easy. Now that it has so many councils of ministers, one of them approves a draft bill. ” “There”, he said, “will be the PP.”

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