The PSOE asks the parties to maintain the labor reform agreement

The spokesperson for the Executive of the PSOE, Felipe Sicilia, has apelado a la “Sensitivity” and “responsibility” of the parties politicians for what the labor reform leaves the Congress of Deputies as faithful as possible to the agreement reached between the Government, employers and unions. It is, he said, a “historic” labor reform precisely because it has had this consensus.

Sicilia has pronounced like this after the president of the CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, has warned this monday what “What is agreed is not touched” and that the employer will leave the pact if modifications are incorporated in the parliamentary process. And it is that the partners of the Government have already shown some reluctance to the agreed labor reform. Like the PNV, that the prevalence of the autonomic agreements against the state ones, Bildu and other parties of the majority of the investiture.

In a press conference after the Executive of the PSOE, Sicilia has confirmed that this Tuesday the labor reform will be approved by the Council of Ministers via decree law and, before it can reach Congress, it has stressed that “there is an agreement” that is “fundamental”, that the labor reform has been “agreed and agreed with the social agents “ and that “they themselves have asked that the agreements be respected they have signed ”.

We appeal to all groups to listen to who has reached the agreement, which has not been easy, but which has culminated in a good labor reform ”. A “very good reform”, he continued, that “modernizes” the market, “ends the temporality”, puts an end to subcontracting and “simplifies the models” of contracts, as well as favors young people in terms of “new forms deformation”.

In this sense, has made an express appeal to the formations parliamentarians to “be able keep as much as possible “ labor reform in Congress along the lines of “the terms that have been agreed”. “The parties know the importance of the agreement and of that labor reform to modernize the framework of labor reforms,” ​​he had an impact.

He asks the parties to be “aware” of what the pact has cost

While Sicily has said it can “Understand that parliamentary groups have their opinion”, has insisted on asking them to be “aware of what these nine months of work have cost” to reach an agreement: “I trust that the agreement can be respected as much as possible,” he stressed once again.

Apart from this appeal, the Socialist spokesperson stressed that the labor reform “seeks to provide quality employment and leave precariousness behind that imposed the PP model “with its 2012 reform,” based on the loss of rights and the devaluation of the labor force. “

A reform, he has continued, which is a “New commitment to fair recovery”, the creation of “quality” employment and that it offers “legal certainty to companies”. A reform, in short, “that will promote permanent hiring and stable employment”, that “restores the balance between employers and workers” and that recovers “the ultra-active agreements”, among other issues.

Finally, Sicilia has highlighted in particular the work of the Ministry of Economy and its head, Nadia Calvin, to carry out the reform, without explicitly mentioning the work of the Ministry of Labor and the vice president Yolanda Diaz, who has been the one who has piloted the negotiations from the beginning, something that the journalists in the room have reminded him.

In its response, Sicilia has justified the mention because Calviño has recently been appointed as head of the Monetary and Financial Committee of the FMIE and has said that the PSOE recognizes the work of all the ministries involved in the negotiation, that of Díaz, as well as that of Agriculture or Education, among others.

Echenique will begin “today” to speak with the parties

For his part, the parliamentary spokesman for United We Can in Congress, Pablo Echenique, has said in an interview on TVE trust that the labor reform of the Executive will go ahead but recalled that the Government does not have an absolute majority and has recognized it will be necessary to dialogue with its partners. It has also urged preserve the majority of the investiture and he has said that he will begin to dialogue with the partners of the Government “today”.

Echenique will begin “today” to speak with the Government partners to carry out the labor reform: “We must dialogue”

“Obviously we have to talk, the sum of seats of the PSOE and United We Can not give an absolute majority,” said Echenique, who recalled that 21 other supporters are needed to carry out the reform.

“That implies negotiating and dialogue and that is what the groups and parliamentary spokesmen are for, to dialogue with the other forces and listen to their demands”He continued.

On the other hand, he has stressed the importance of “caring for” the majority of the endowment and he has said that “today” he will begin to speak with the groups that made it possible. In this regard, he has ruled out addressing Ciudadanos, since “it is a neoliberal party” that “defends that it is easier to fire people, that the pension system be privatized” or “that the minimum wage should not be raised.”

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