The Provincial Council foresees ultra-fast broadband in Bizkaia for June 2023



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With an endowment of 10 million euros, the regional entity promotes the extension of the latest generation internet to “all corners of Bizkaia, especially rural areas”.

The Provincial Council of Bizkaia plans to have ultra-fast broadband spread throughout the territory in June 2023 after an investment of 10 million euros, so that homes in rural and peripheral areas of “all corners” will be able to access connections from Internet of high speed.

The general deputy of Bizkaia, Unai Rementeria, accompanied by the deputies Imanol Pradales (Infrastructure and Territorial Development) and Ibone Bengoetxea (Public Administration and Institutional Relations), explained the project, which already advanced last week within the framework of the policy plenary session General held at the General Meetings of Bizkaia.

Rementeria has indicated the intention of the Provincial Council to present this “transformative” project, which commitment to digitization, to the EU reconstruction fund for being aligned with the priorities set by Europe.

It is, as indicated, “one of the most important projects of the County Council” because implies “consolidating equality in Bizkaia between people and municipalities, equal opportunities “.

The extent of ultra-fast broadband to the entire territory It will affect those areas not yet well connected to the internet, especially rural areas or areas with difficult access, in need of a prior investment in infrastructures that the operators do not face because it is not profitable for them.

As they have explained, the investment now planned by the Provincial Council, contemplated within the digitization plan of the Bizkaia Aurrera Plan, will be used to bring the broadband to 7620 “portales” -behind this concept there are residential properties, single-family residences, hotel establishments …- distributed in 96 municipalities of all the regions of the territory.

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Despite the difficulties involved in the calculation, the provincial officials estimate that the project, which includes a total of 602 areas of action, will benefit about 14,500 people.

Regional decree

After receiving the corresponding authorization from the central government, the Provincial Council has approved a provincial decree with the conditions of the tender, which have been published today in the official Bizkaia gazette.

To extend broadband to the last “portals” that do not have it, the Provincial Council has announced a grant in public competition, endowed with 10 million euros, through which it will cover 90% of the expenses necessary to undertake the deployment of digital infrastructure.

Telecommunications operating companies interested in participating in the initiative may submit their applications until November 7.

After its award, the work for the deployment of broadband will begin at the end of this year or the beginning of next year and should be completed before June 2023. The high-speed connection will gradually reach the affected areas.

In addition, among the requirements for awarding the subsidy, the beneficiary operator will have the obligation to offer the other operators that request it wholesale access to the subsidized infrastructures. This ensures that users can choose between different operators.

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