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The mayor of Azpeitia assures, on the other hand, that it would be illegal to reopen the company in the urban nucleus and recalls that the City Council has not received any firm proposal from the company.

The Deputy for Economic Promotion, Tourism and the Rural Environment of Gipuzkoa, Jabier Larrañaga, has stated this morning that the reopening of Corrugated it depends solely on the “political will” of the Azpeitia City Council since, according to him, “there are no legal obstacles that prevent it”.

Larrañaga has appeared today at the General Meetings of Gipuzkoa at the request of Elkarrekin Gipuzkoa, who has asked the deputy if there is any firm proposal, any feasibility plan and if the current proposal of the Cristian Lay Company, who was made last year with the Gallardo Group, owner of Corrugados, meets environmental requirements.

Larrañaga has reiterated that the project is “viable” from a regulatory point of view, “carrying out the necessary investments to comply with environmental requirements“He has remarked that the option to“ modify the PGOU ”is in the hands of the City Council to enable the reopening of the steelworks in the urban nucleus.

Larrañaga has proposed the creation of a working group with “technicians and legal representatives of the Provincial Council, the Basque Government and the City Council, to share the different existing options.”

“There is no project”

The local Administration of Azpeitia and its highest representative, the mayor Nagore Alkorta (EH Bildu) ensure, on the other hand, that the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) actual makes it impossible to reopen the Corrugados plant in Amue, the current location, in the middle of the urban nucleus, and that, as they have consulted with the Provincial Council and the Basque Government, a change in the PGOU, “would mean having to change the Partial Territorial Plan of Urola Kosta” option that both Administrations have ruled out, ” for not being feasible “, according to has declared Alkorta.

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In the extraordinary plenary session held on Tuesday at the Azpeitia City Council, at the request of the municipal group of the PNV, who asked to create a working group to deal with the issue, Alkorta reiterated, as he did in the previous plenary session, that “to this day, there is no formal request from the company, there is no project, nor is there any feasibility plan. We have been arguing for three months about something that does not even exist”.

Responding to the express request of the jeltzale group, he said, bluntly, that “if what you are asking is to debate whether or not to open Corrugados in Amue, something that would be illegal, the answer is a resounding no.”

The mayor defends that the debate ended at the moment when the report of the City Council Secretary ruled that it was “against current legislation to start up a steel industry in the Amue area”, in the urban center of Azpeitia.

The mayor concluded the plenary session stating that, the day they have on the table a “real, feasible and legal project“, They will be” the first to get down to work “to be able to carry it out, in order to boost the economy and the industrial fabric, an objective shared by both political groups.

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