The Prosecutor’s Office extends the investigation to the king emeritus for six months

The State Attorney General (FGE), Dolores Delgado, has signed this Thursday a decree by which the proceedings are extended for another six months Investigation of the Office of the Supreme Court Prosecutor regarding the King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, waiting to obtain more information from Switzerland, as confirmed by RTVE.

These investigations will be extended until June 2022, although it is not necessary to exhaust the full term. The extension It was within the expected since the prosecutors await a rogatory commission that must arrive from Switzerland, although they have taken months weighing the file of the cause.

Last week, sources close to these investigations, told Europa Press that the team of prosecutors investigating the finances of King Emeritus Juan Carlos I, led by the Supreme Court Prosecutor (TS) Juan Ignacio Campos and by the Chief Prosecutor of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, Alejandro Luzón, they would wait to have on their table the documents requested from Switzerland before closing the investigation.

For that, already then They did not rule out raising a decree to the FGE requesting that extension since in this month of December the term expired. The sources explained that the formula for this procedure was by means of a motivated decree and that it had to be accepted by Delgado.

Now, with the extension on the table, the prosecutors do not have much more to contribute to what has already been investigated, except for those data that come from Switzerland. However, this extension removes even a few weeks the possibility that the investigation procedures will be closed, so it is not expected to occur before the Christmas break.

The intention is to close as quickly as possible

The fiscal sources consulted indicated already last week that although the intention of the Public Prosecutor’s Office is always terminate investigative procedures as quickly as possible, This is sometimes not possible, and in a case of the magnitude like that of the emeritus, they prefer act prudently, be guarantors, and wait for that commission that is relative to some clarifications on the years 2015 and 2016.

Thus, despite the fact that a week ago sources in the case indicated to this agency that the objective was to close the investigation “soon”, and that they hoped to arrive before a new extension had to be requested, the times of the letters rogatory are slow.

In this sense, a few days ago it was learned that the decree that put an end to the investigations will be signed by both Luzón and Campos, and the sources consulted warn that they do not expect great surprises from the rogatory commission.

It was late this summer when it became known that prosecutors who direct the investigations they weighed the file of the proceedings taking into account thatSome of the alleged crimes would have occurred when Juan Carlos I it was inviolable (abdicated in 2014), which others would have prescribed and that there is a lack of evidentiary weight in others, added to the fact that there have been two fiscal regularizations by the emeritus for a sum of around 5 million euros.

Three open investigations

It should be remembered that the inquiries about the fortune and the societies of the emeritus have extended for more than a year. Specific the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office investigates three issues relating to emeritus: the alleged collection of commissions for the concession of the AVE to Mecca to Spanish companies; the alleged use by Juan Carlos I and other relatives of opaque credit cards charged to accounts in which they are not listed as holders; and the existence of an account with 10 million euros on behalf of the former head of state in the Jersey island, a tax haven.

Given these facts, the former monarch has made up to two tax regularizations, which are being investigated by the Treasury. The first, on December 9 for 678,000 euros in relation to the use of bank cards with opaque funds of the Mexican businessman Allen Sanginés-Krause. And a second on February 25 for almost 4.4 million euros for undeclared income in relation to the expenses paid by the Zagatka Foundation.

As a general rule, the investigation procedures end with the filing of a complaint or complaint, prosecuting the case, accumulating the investigations with other existing ones or filing them. When investigative proceedings are filed because it is understood that there are no elements, it ends with a decree of the prosecutor’s file.

In September it was learned that the Office of the Supreme Court notified to the King Emeritus in June, November and December 2020 the opening of proceedings relative to your fortune. According to El País, these three notices reached the defense of the one who was monarch until 2014 and in them he was invited to appear.

The emeritus, in Abu Dhabi since August 2020

It was in August 2020 when the emeritus set course for Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. “I inform you of my thoughtful decision to move, at this time, out of Spain,” he said to convey to his son his decision to leave under the argument that he wanted to facilitate his work as monarch.

The announcement that the one who was king of Spain for almost four decades was leaving Spain was the culmination of a series of events, which accelerated following his abdication in June 2014, linked to his private life and financial activitiess that they have ended up placing him in the crosshairs of justice.

This is what he himself acknowledged in the letter he sent to Don Felipe on August 3, when he explained the reasons for his departure: “Given the repercussions that certain past events in my private life are generating” in order to “contribute to facilitating the exercise of your functions, from the tranquility and calm that your high responsibility requires “.

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