The professionals who will have a job in 2022

Before finishing their studies they already have a job. It’s not common, but it happens with certain professions where the demand exceeds the supply of workers. Rodrigo Mora, Cloud Computing professor at the CICE School, sees it daily. He trains “cloud architects”, a profile still scarce in Spain that companies need to manage their digital storage.

“There are some that take a month, but as a general rule they find work easily. When they start the master’s degree they already have offers,” he explains.

professions related to the digital environment border on full employment. Cybersecurity experts have become a sought-after profile and it is common for companies to try to “steal” employees with special skills from the competition.

“In recent years, companies are not only looking for workers who can defend their security, but who are capable of carrying out controlled attacks to test their infrastructure,” says Mora.

Óscar knows this well, a student who is specializing in this subject, and who faces his future work without fear.

“There are going to be a lot of positions. In the end, all companies have the objective of making money and the most valuable thing they have is their data, protecting them implies profits,” says this student.

Occupational health and safety

Another branch that has inevitably grown more with the pandemic is health. According to a Spring Professional report, the position that concentrates a greater demand is nursingwhich could have an annual remuneration of between 26,000 and 50,000 euros gross.

According to the same report, the figure of the dermatologist is another of the rarest and most sought-after. The salary band for these specialists can reach 120,000 euros per year.

But without a doubt, the most sought-after profile hides under a few acronyms that may be little known to us. This is the HSQE Manager, a worker who designs the company’s health, safety and environment strategy. In many cases, this work is carried out by engineers, one of the professionals with the best labor integration today.

“As soon as they finish their studies, they enter the labor market with a more than interesting salary range and they will always have the opportunity to grow in multinational companies and in other countries,” says José Pasarón, Senior Consultant at Spring Professional.

The logistics boom

The supply chain, which has suffered so much pressure in recent times, expects to continue incorporating workers at a good pace this year. From warehouse waiters to managers with languages and sophisticated technological knowledge. All profiles will be required for the gear to work.

“It’s not about moving boxes, it’s also about having analytical, technological and information management knowledge and skills,” highlights Juan José Montiel, professor of the Master’s in Supply Chain at EAE Business School

According to data from the latest Active Population Survey, the logistics sector provided work in the fourth quarter of 2021 for a total of 1,130,100 people and the unemployment rate barely reached 4.6%. Montiel also recalls that in the large Spanish cities there is a shortage of workers to assume middle management:

“It is so difficult to find these young professionals that once we find them it is important to know how to retain them, for that we must focus on talent management,” he stresses.

And if there is one thing all these profiles have in common, it is one word: digitization. A phenomenon that for companies is no longer a thing of the future, and some professionals who are already present in the labor market in Spain.

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