The price of fuel continues to fall two weeks after the bonus applied by the Government

The average price of 95 gasoline this week is enough 1,590 euros per literMeanwhile he diesel oil is sold to 1,613 euros. Compared to last week, it represents a decrease of two cents in the case of gasoline and three cents in diesel, that is, a reduction in prices of 1.4% and 2%, respectively.

After this new drop, the diesel is more expensive again for the third consecutive week and is 10.3% below its record price registered at the end of March, while gasoline marks a price 14% lower than its maximum of a month ago.

Last week, both became cheaper when the reduction of 20 cents per liter approved by the Government came into force on April 1. However, they continued to exceed the barrier of 1.60 euros per liter, with the bonus already applied.

Thus, they are fulfilled two weeks Since this came into force discounta measure that becomes effective at the time of payment and that the client can see reflected in the ticket. Some users have noticed that to fill the tank completely they have had to pay 10 euros less, a figure that for many is still insufficient.

Its most expensive price in a Holy Week

Despite the discount -which will remain valid, in principle, until June 30-, the price of fuel is highest in history in a Holy Week. Since the gas stations began to apply it, drivers have noticed a drop in the price of diesel and gasoline of up to 11%. However, fuels continue to be sold at levels never seen for this holiday.

This is the first Easter without mobility restrictions in the last two years, and Between April 8 and 18, 14.6 million trips are expected long-distance, 2.10% less than in Easter 2019, according to data from the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT).

Also, this is not the only fuel record recently. Diesel and gasoline have been setting maximum prices since January 2022 and their rise has been intensifying with the advance of the war in Ukraine.

A) Yes, March closed with an outstanding fact and for the first time diesel was sold more expensive than 95 gasoline -something that continues to appreciate this week-, and both exceeded 1.80 euros per liter. A week earlier, the price of gasoline and diesel fell after 11 weeks of continuous increases.

Filling the deposit costs 16 euros more than in Easter 2021

The average price of gasoline for these dates is a 22.2% more expensive that in Holy Week 2021, a figure that amounts to 38.4% in the case of diesel.

In this way, filling a 55-litre petrol tank costs around €88.71some 16 euros more than on the same holiday in 2021 and 2019. In the case of dieselthe disbursement reaches €90.58, 25 euros more than on these dates last year and almost 23 euros more than in Easter 2019.

Gas stations denounce liquidity problems and ask to delay payment of VAT

Nacho Rabadán, general director of the Spanish Confederation of Service Stations (CEEES), explains to RNE that “69% of Spanish service stations are in the hands of SMEs”. He assures that the advance announced by the Executive “is poorly designed” and supposes “put a band-aid” temporarily, but it is “clearly insufficient”.

24 Horas – The gas stations on the sale: “It is better for us to sell little” – Listen now

As he explains, the Treasury transfers will serve to cover “the 50% or 60% of sales that we will have this month” and they will be worth “to arrive until April 20 approximately“. From there, he assures that the liquidity problems for SMEs will return.

But it is not something for the future, rather it is already happening in areas far from urban centers. According to Rabadán, the stations of rural zones are already having liquidity problems and others have not even received the payments. ensures that about 350 have closed because they do not have the financial muscle to advance payments. Faced with this situation, he says that there are already “supply shadow zones”, that is, geographical areas that are short of supplies.

As a solution, the sector asks the Government to late payment of taxes such as VAT or personal income tax to have greater liquidity until June 30. They also request ICO lines at 0% and direct aid. For this reason, despite having announced that they are going to appeal the Decree to the Justice at the beginning of April, they urge dialogue to articulate actions that minimize the impact on the refueling stations.

For his part, Manuel Jiménez Perona, president of the National Association of Automatic Service Stations (AESAE), assures that at the moment his partners do not have closed stations and, like Roldán, asks that the Treasury relax tax payments while applying measure.

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