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Did you know which was the most successful news of the month of July? During these last twelve months we have told thousands of stories. All this through endless articles, interviews and reports in a year marked by COVID-19, the La Palma volcano and sporting events such as the European Championship or the Olympic Games in Japan. For that same reason we wanted to summarize the year in the articles that have interested you the most throughout 2021.

“I was about to eat it”: a girl finds a ‘special’ dorito and sells it for 17,000 euros

A 13-year-old Australian girl has made history on social networks by auctioning a peculiar dorito for a whopping 17,000 euros. Rylee Stuart found a different dorito from the others in the bag while calmly eating the snack. It turns out that that dorito was inflated with air and it caught his attention so much that he decided not to eat it. The idea was better: put it up for sale on eBay to see what would happen. Despite the fact that he deleted the ad after receiving up to $ 100,000, the brand ended up paying him 17,000.

The premonitory message of Di María’s wife who gains strength after winning the Copa América

After years of trying, and after falling over and over again, Argentina finally won the Copa América in a vibrant final against Brazil that was decided by a goal from Ángel di María. Something that his wife had previously predicted Jorgelina Cardoso, who assured him the day before via WhatsApp that the Video He would be the main protagonist of the night with a goal that would be too similar to the one he would score afterwards.

Fernando Simón talks about the next great pandemic: this will be its impact and this is how we will live it

What will the next great pandemic look like? In statements to Nice good, el director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simon, He assured that the impact of the next global pandemics will be much less than what we have experienced in 2020: “The impact of each new pandemic will be less unless a catastrophic pathogen comes along that is completely uncontrollable.” However, the epidemiologist assumes that the social perception of the impact “will be the same or greater.”

Beatriz Montañez: “I have felt watched in my own home and for the first time in 5 years I have felt fear”

Just a few months after revealing what her new life was like in the forest away from the big city, the journalist Beatriz Montañez asked her followers to respect her decision and to stop looking for her cabin: “HI have had intruders, I don’t call them fans, I call them intruders, for which the Civil Guard has had to intervene, because they have dedicated themselves to flitting around my house, leaving me notes, observing me with binoculars when I feel cloistered in my own freedom ” .

Alfredo Corell warns that the symptoms of COVID-19 have changed for those vaccinated

For those who still have doubts, get infected with COVID-19 Despite having received the vaccine, it is possible. This was how he made it known the immunologist Alfredo Corell in statements to La Ventana, where he explained that the symptoms had changed for those vaccinated: “Fever is no longer the most permanent symptom. The loss of taste and smell either, and they appear as very frequent symptoms in people with the vaccine such as rhinorrhea, that is, runny nose, sore throat or dry cough and headache. “

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