The PP urges Batet to suspend any process on the labor reform

The People’s Party has urged this Saturday to the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batetto order “the immediate suspension and cessation” of any procedure that is directed to the “publication and effectiveness” of the vote that on Thursday validated the royal decree law of the labour reformthanks to the ‘yes’ of the PP deputy Alberto Casero, who alleged an error in the telematic vote. The popular insist that there was “non-compliance” with the rules applicable to remote voting.

The PP, in a letter signed by its parliamentary spokesman, Cuca Gamarraand registered on Friday in the Chamber, bases his request on the fact that the Congress Table should have resolved Casero’s request for a vote in person, who wanted in this way rectify your error in the telematic procedurebut that “it did not come about due to the refusal” of the president of Congress to convene it.

The text affirms that “the rules applicable to the proper functioning” of the Chamber have been infringed and violated “the fundamental right to exercise parliamentary representation” both from Casero and from the rest of the parliamentarians.

For the PP, these violations “have caused an alteration and distortion” of “the will of the Chamber” with “a mutation of the result of the vote” on the labor reform that, according to the popular, was a parliamentary initiative that was going to be rejected.

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The text concludes by insisting on the “suspension and cessation of any procedures” aimed at making effective the vote on the labor reform on Thursday in Congress until an “urgent session” of the Bureau is convened to deal with this issue.

also the deputy Alberto Casero presented a brief on Friday requesting the suspension and “immediate” halting of the procedures related to the labor reform.

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Pastor asks to convene the Congress Table

This Saturday, the second vice president of Congress, Ana Pastorhas reiterated that Batet assumed powers that it does not have by rejecting the call for the Table and has warned that the PP “is going to preserve the rights of the deputies.”

Pastor, who has recalled that Casero has the right for the Congress Table to analyze his request, has affirmed that the PP, before the start of the face-to-face vote, informed Batet that a deputy had addressed the Popular Group to warn that what the receipt reflected “was not what I had voted for”.

and has claimed the right of this Member to request that the vote be annulled and counted as not issued to be able to vote again in person, something that should have been endorsed by the Table of the Chamber.

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