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The PP considers that one of the main conclusions of the investigating judge of the caso Kitchen, Manuel García-Castellón, constitutes a simple “fable”. This was stated this Thursday by Luis Santamaría, party spokesman in the investigation commission opened in Congress on the illegal espionage operation of the former popular treasurer Luis Bárcenas, where he described as “an act of faith” to take for granted that the compromising material existed. that the plot allegedly abducted the former head of the training finances. These words contrast with the magistrate’s writings, who maintain that the police officers involved “would have finally located and seized” that documentation.

Santamaría thus reiterates the line of defense deployed by the popular since the commission started. Throughout the different sessions, the PP spokesman has criticized the parliamentary work and has even tried to sow doubts about the judicial investigation of the Gürtel case —Which has already accumulated more than 69 convicted persons, in addition to the party itself for benefiting from Francisco Correa’s corrupt network. According to the instruction of the National Court, after publishing EL PAÍS in January 2013 the Bárcenas papers, the Interior Ministry activated Kitchen to try to steal more sensitive documentation that the former treasurer might keep on charges of the political force and, in this way, prevent it from reaching the judge investigating Gürtel.

“Look at the paradox that occurs in this commission,” said the PP spokesman to María Dolores de Cospedal, former secretary general of the popular, who refused to testify on Thursday. “We investigated an alleged illegal use of the Ministry of the Interior’s media to find some alleged documents against the PP. However, not a single one of those papers or material has appeared. Neither here nor in the judicial process ”, charged Santamaría. “Which leads us to wonder if such compromising documents ever existed or if we should accept their existence as we do with that of the meigas or with the woman of the curve [sic], accepting the popular heritage that ‘there are them’. But, in my case, after 25 years driving to Galicia, I have not seen a single meiga nor have I seen the woman on the curve ”.

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The attacks of the main opposition party have not stopped there and he has compared the conclusion with “an act of faith”: “There are people who see a luminous phenomenon at night, think that it is a UFO and already deduce that there is a very civilization more advanced than ours, which he equates with interstellar ships that visit us in order to occupy us or to deplete our natural resources. Well, these are the fables in which we have to participate ”, has ironized Santamaría.

Excerpt from a car by García-Castellón where he expresses his
Excerpt from a car by García-Castellón where he expresses his “conviction” that there was such sensitive documentation on the PP and that the Kitchen plot accessed it.

The PP’s account runs into that of García-Castellón, who in his indictment of Kitchen considered that there are sufficient “indications” of the existence of this compromising documentation in the case and concludes that the plot came to access it “in date not determined, but which may be in October 2013 ”. According to the judge, on the one hand, the commissioner Enrique García Castaño entered a study that Bárcenas’s wife had on General Díaz Porlier street in Madrid, where “a closet with a double bottom would have been removed from which said” material would have been removed. . On the other hand, the driver of the former treasurer provided two electronic devices (a tablet and a mobile phone) from Bárcenas, which were cloned, as confirmed by the two private agents who executed that order.

“As can be seen, there are indications that allow maintaining that access to the information that Bárcenas kept was materialized. The conviction that this access occurred is one of the reasons that leads, precisely, to continue with the procedure for the procedures of the abbreviated procedure, “added the magistrate of the National Court in his brief of July 29, when he processed to the entire former Interior leadership for their involvement in Kitchen, but withdrew the accusation against Cospedal and her husband, businessman Ignacio López del Hierro.

Cloning of mobile devices

The judge also then listed the evidence collected to support his conclusion. Like the audios of the protagonists of the plot where they talk about that stolen documentation. Or the intercepted mobile messages where García Castaño refers to the material: “I’ll leave you the agenda [de Bárcenas], which is better than the Michelin Guide ”, this policeman writes to Francisco Martínez, former Secretary of State for Security and alleged Kitchen coordinator. Or the annotations in the agendas of Commissioner José Manuel Villarejo about the operation: for example, a note from October 17, 2013 reads like this: “Big [alias de García Castaño]: cook-copying phone relationship [sic]”—Villarejo nicknamed Bárcenas’s driver as chef or cook. Or the message allegedly forwarded to Martínez by the then Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, which said: “The operation was carried out successfully. Everything has been overturned (2 iPhone and 1 iPad) ”.

In addition, on July 29, despite the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to expand the investigations to try to recover this sensitive material, the judge rejected it, considering it unnecessary because it could already have been destroyed: [la documentación]They would have had the time and the necessary capacity to get rid of it ”. “We are no longer at the moment of investigating how to recover this information, but of prosecuting those who could participate in the apparently criminal act,” the magistrate added.

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