“The PP goes to the electoral repetition in CyL”

The leader of Vox, Santiago Abascalhas refused this Tuesday to fall into the “blackmail” of the Popular Party so that their attorneys in Castilla y León support the investiture of Alfonso Fernández Mañueco “free” and without a government pact and has warned the ‘popular’ that “They go to an electoral repetition in order not to agree with Vox”.

Abascal has spoken like this in an interview in It’s Radioafter the national leadership of the PP has defended the thesis of governing alone in Castilla y León and with specific agreements after obtaining 31 seats in the elections this Sunday.

Vox has been defending since election night its “duty and right” to be part of the next Executive regional with the 13 attorneys obtained at the polls and Abascal has insisted on that idea on Tuesday.

And after Vox sources have assured that the party demands the same weight that Ciudadanos had in the previous Executive, which would be a vice-presidency and four councils (in the event that the same size was maintained in the Mañueco government), Abascal has assured: “We have not formally demanded anything, neither vice presidency nor number of ministries”.

He believes that it is “possible” to reach an agreement despite the ‘slam’ of the PP leadership

In addition, he has questioned the PP’s position regarding the negotiation with Vox, since he sees a “prudent” speech by the PP of Castilla y León in the face of the ‘slam of the door’ by his national leadership in the mouth of the general secretary of the party, Teodoro García Egea. For this reason, he trusts that Mañueco maintains the “prudent and responsible” line that he believes he is showing in his statements, with which he has recognized that it would be “possible” to reach an agreement.

“But in Vox we have it very clear, We are neither more nor less than anyone. Vox voters are not worth more than Citizens but not less either. If they believe that they are going to subject Vox to blackmail, they will be doing what they leaked, they are going to an electoral repetition in order not to agree with Vox, “he has warned.

In this sense, it has applauded the “accurate” words of the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoencouraging the PP not to fear criticism from the left. “What does the PP fear?” Abascal asked, lamenting that the ‘popular’ may be conditioned by their European partners. He has also rejected that criticism may come from the PSOE, which “agrees with communists, terrorists and separatists.”

“Some are permanently looking at Brussels or their European partners. Vox is a sovereign party and I hope the PP is toowho is not looking at Bildu or Brussels”, he maintained, asking if “the assassins” are going to be those who “distribute Democratic cards”.

For Abascal it is “really worrying” that someone in the PP thinks that “they can have” Vox’s votes “for free”, as if it were the same to have 31 attorneys than 45, above the absolute majority. In his opinion, the citizens’ mandate “has been very clear” and obliges both parties to “agree and talk.”

In fact, he recalled that both he and the candidate García-Gallardo were “very clear” and already said during the campaign that, if someone wanted Vox to support the PP for free, to vote directly for the ‘popular’ because that was not going to happen. “That commitment was very cheered and has reached the electorate with total clarity. Vox has the right and duty to form a Government,” he reiterated.

He refuses to call Casado: “What for?”

Despite everything, he has away the possibility of him being the one to call the leader of the ‘popular’, Pablo Casado, with whom he has not spoken since the motion of censure in October 2020. “Call for what?Is the PP willing to agree with an adversary like Vox or thinking of the grand coalition or abstention from the PSOE, which is a prelude to the grand coalition?” he asked.

In addition, he has recognized that Vox assumes “with concern” the possibility of governing with the PPbut he believes that he has that political obligation because although there are “discrepancies” between the two parties, they have to “take risks.”

“Do we want to enter the Government of Castilla y León with the PP? The same as they want to govern with us. But the numbers are what they are. We would have liked to have had an absolute majority,” she clarified.


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