the PP does not rule out a coalition with the PSOE and Vox demands to govern

It’s time to talk about pacts after the elections from this sunday in Castile and Leon. With the numbers on the table and 31 attorneys (within ten of the absolute majority), the PP has no choice but to negotiate to achieve an investiture but its candidate, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has at all times avoided addressing voxwhich, with its 13 seats, would have the key to his possible government. He says that he will talk to all the formations and does not rule out a grand coalition with the PSOE in the region. Santiago Abascal’s party will not make it easy for him because he insists that he has “the right” and the “duty” to govern with a weight proportional to that of Ciudadanos in the previous PP-Cs Executive. Y the socialists have already made it clear that they will not facilitate a PP government “tainted by corruption” to stop Vox.

All eyes were on this Monday to manueco And in all the interviews he has given, the question was clear: if he would agree with Vox on a coalition government. The answer was neither ‘yes’ nor ‘no’. In The Mornings of RNE has ensured that will negotiate “with all political formations” from highest to lowest representation, starting with the PSOE, following by Vox and so on consecutively until reaching Por Ávila. “Are you going to offer a grand coalition pact with the PSOE?”, asked the host of the program, Íñigo Alfonso. “I don’t rule it out either.“, has responded the ‘popular’ candidate, who He has advocated to see “what will the PSOE has.”

And it is that dream of governing alone seems impossible when the PPstill being the winner of the elections, has only got two attorneys more than I had. The current acting president of the Board has acknowledged that he “would have liked to have had the greatest possible support” (the intention when convening was to emulate the ‘Ayuso effect’ in Castilla y León), but it has not been possible and it is time to dialogue. But wants to talk first about “problems” before the “distribution of seats”.

The PP tries to pressure Vox to provide external support

In Genoa they do have faith that Mañueco can govern only if he manages to obtain the support of minority parties, in which case he would only need Vox’s abstention in an investiture. From the national leadership of the PP they pressure Vox by ensuring that if they “block” the formation of an Executive, they will have to “explain” it to the citizens. The general secretary of the ‘popular’, Teodoro Garcia-Egeado you think it’s possible a PP government with only “specific support” of other forces to “carry out important measures” (something like what the Executive of Isabel Díaz Ayuso has in Madrid, only that there the PP borders on almost an absolute majority). And he has warned Vox that if he “blocks” the formation of a government, he will have to “account for his actions.”

Along the same lines, the Deputy Secretary of Communication of the PP, Paul Montesinohas stressed that Mañueco has been “very clear” in proposing a government alone in the campaign and has warned that the parties that “put obstacles” and “stones in the way” will have to explain it.

Vox demands the same weight in the regional government that Ciudadanos had

But the truth is that Vox is in a most advantageous situation and has in his hands (if the PSOE remains in the ‘no’ to Mañueco) the key to give the government to the PP. He is fully aware of this and therefore is not satisfied on this occasion with providing external support Pablo Casado’s party as it has done in other regions. “We have the right and duty to integrate the next government of Castilla y León”, the Vox candidate, Juan García-Gallardo, said at a press conference on Monday.

Vox’s demand, as party sources have explained to RTVE, is to have “At least” the same weight that Ciudadanos achieved in 2019 in the Executive: a vice-presidency and four ministries. Vox, which has been growing in all elections since 2018, does not seem to be affected by the PP’s warnings, while a possible electoral repetition could be detrimental to the ‘popular’ (Since the campaign began, they fell flat in all the polls and achieved a worse result than they initially expected). In Vox they are very clear, they have said, that their votes “are worth no less” than those of Ciudadanos.

The PSOE: “We will not facilitate a government tainted by corruption”

ANDThe PP will need the ‘yes’ of Vox to Mañueco or, at least, the abstention of the PSOE to govern and the socialists have already made it clear that they are not for the job. Ferraz’s ‘no’ has been resounding when the spokesman for the Socialist Executive, Felipe Sicilia, responded in this way when asked if they were considering supporting Mañueco to prevent Vox from entering the regional government: “We are very clear that we will not facilitate a government tainted by corruption“. And he has ensured that that issue was not even raised in the meeting this Monday to analyze the results (the PSOE insists that the elections are a “failure” for the PP but they have lost seven prosecutors compared to 2019).

But there has been a dissonant voice, that of the mayor of Valladolid, Óscar Puente (PSOE), which has been shown in favor of facilitating the investiture of Mañueco “on condition” that Vox is not part of the Executive autonomous: “We cannot, for consistencyto say that Vox is a danger to democracy, to coexistence and, at the same time, not offering an alternative”. And the Secretary of Organization of the PSOE of Castile and León, Ana Sánchez, has not clarified what position her party will take before an investiture of Mañueco when asked if she plans to support him to stop Vox. Thus, he has limited himself to assuring Efe that the PSOE will do “things with a head, with common sense and with responsibility” by the citizens of Castilla y León.

But as Sicilia has shown, the national leadership of the PSOE completely refuses to support the PP, although it has said it is willing to “sit down and talk” with the ‘popular’. “This scenario has not been promoted by the PSOE, but by the PP”, Said his spokesman, whom he has blamed for the situation by “forcing” “interested” elections to seek a government alone “at the risk of the extreme right entering”: “They have wanted to take this risk, that they be responsible”.

UP rejects that the PSOE supports the PP and Cs advocates the grand coalition

United We Cancoalition partner of the Socialists in the central Executive, also rrejects the possibility that the PSOE facilitates the investiture of Mañueco to stop Vox’s feet. “We are diaphanous, very clear. the grand coalition between PP and PSOE It will never be a solution to the rise of the extreme right. never neverwill be the solution”, has sentenced the spokesman for the ‘purple’ party and candidate for United We Can in Castilla y León, Paul Fernandezwho has remained as the only prosecutor of his formation in the Autonomous Courts after losing a seat last Sunday.

And it is that, in his opinion, “The far right is being fought and confronted with more progressive policies and these policies have to be implemented from the central government”.

The only party that does advocate for that “grand coalition” of PSOE and PP in Castilla y León is Citizens. Your leader in the region, Francisco Igeawho has also remained as the only attorney for his party in the Autonomous Courts after losing eleven seats, has called on both parties to understand each other since “start to think a little about your country” because he is “very concerned” about what is happening lately, in relation to the rise of Vox. And it is that in his opinion, nobody, not even the Popular Party, has won with these elections, since “Castile and Leon have lost.”

But the truth is that only one day has passed since the elections and the PP has room to explore its options (despite being limited). The regional courts will not be constituted until March 10, when the new legislature will begin, and since then Mañueco still has room to submit to an investiture. Everything seems to indicate, therefore, that Long weeks of negotiations are coming in front.

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