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The trial for the activities of the Gürtel plot in Boadilla has experienced a surprising situation this Tuesday, which has sounded like a “joke” and “a sign of the scant collaboration with justice” of the conservative formation, according to legal sources present in the interrogation.

The process of taking the testimony of the accused concluded and the Prosecutor’s Office and the Court proceeded to give way to the witnesses of the procedure, when the lawyer of the Popular Party, accused as a lucrative participant in the case, Jesús Santos, has drawn attention from the room because they had forgotten about him: “I understand that the Prosecutor’s Office renounces the declaration of the legal representative of the Popular Party,” Santos said. “No, he has not resigned,” replied the prosecutor Concepción Nicolás, and then received the implicit apologies for the oblivion of the president of the Court, José Antonio Mora, who after recognizing Santos that he was “absolutely right”, has asked who was going to testify on behalf of the party.

The lawyer of the PP has communicated that he himself was going to assume the “legal representation” of the formation and immediately afterwards, he has refused to answer the two questions formulated by the Public Ministry to limit himself to saying that the PP “can not declare anything, nothing it can contribute on the circumstances of the events that are the object of the prosecution of the Public Prosecutor’s Office ”. Santos has stressed that the Popular Party “has nothing more to say”, beyond remembering that as a profit-making participant, it lacked knowledge of the allegedly criminal acts that are being prosecuted.

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The PP maintains that it has nothing to declare to shed light on the case, but almost all the accused have involved both the national and regional leadership in the knowledge and design of the strategy for the illegal financing of the party, as well as in explicit orders to mayors with the aim of awarding public works in exchange for commissions to donor companies of funds in b for conservative training.

This Tuesday, Alicia Vallejo, the ex-partner of the former mayor of Boadilla, Arturo González Panero, has also declared, who has denied that he knew of his fraudulent businesses abroad, or the operation for the sale of his home in the municipality, with the participation of the plot. Vallejo has declared that he lived “hell” in his relationship with the meatloaf due to his son’s attacks, and that he feels “ashamed” for having maintained a relationship with the former mayor and for the corruption he has discovered in the cause.

In addition, the complainant of the Gürtel, José Luis Peñas, has appeared as a witness, who has emphasized the “extraordinary power” of the leader of the plot, Francisco Correa, of whom he has assured that he was “number 3 in Genoa” due to his influence on the party during the time of José María Aznar as president.
Peñas has also recalled that various members of the plot such as the former regional deputy, Alfonso Bosch, or the former vice-councilor Alberto López Viejo, traveled regularly “in the Falcon” (in reference to the plane used by the presidents of the Government) with Aznar during the campaigns electoral.

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