The Polisario believes that the ‘Gali case’ will “remain in nothing”

The delegate of the Polisario Front in Spain, Abdullah Arabi, has trusted that the judicial process for the ‘Gali case’ “it will come to nothing absolutely” and has blamed it on the “political background”. In an interview this Monday on Radio Nacional, he assured that “the presence of the president of the Polisario Front in Spain affected by a global illness is not the trigger“of the crisis between Madrid and Rabat.

“This crisis comes from much earlier, they are cyclicalIt is not the first time that Spain and Morocco have gone through a crisis, nor will it be the last”, he stated on the anniversary of Brahim Gali’s arrival in Spain to be treated for coronavirus. The leader of the Polisario Front arrived on April 18, 2021 in an Algerian medical plane to the Zaragoza Air Base, without passing controls of borders or documentation. From there he left in an ambulance to the Hospital San Pedro de Logroño and was admitted to the health center under the name of Mohamed Benbatouche.

Now Justice is investigating whether Gali’s entry was committed crimes of prevarication, falsification of documents and cover-up, in a case in which the former Minister of Foreign Affairs Arancha González Laya. “This judicial process does not concern us directly. We respect Justice and when you decide what you have to decide, we will abide by it as we have always done”Arabi added.

The new Spanish position on the Sahara “complicates the conflict even more”

The Polisario representative has insisted on criticizing the “radical turn” of the Government “which breaks with Spain’s traditional policy regarding Western Sahara”. One month ago, Pedro Sánchez supported the Moroccan autonomy plan of the former Spanish colony, a radical change to the position of neutrality that our country had maintained until now.

As he pointed out in the interview, the turn of the Spanish position “Far from helping to resolve the conflict, it complicates it even more”. Spain “is on the side” of Morocco, “a power that has attacked and invaded a territory for 40 years,” Arabi lamented.

The Polisario Front suspended contacts with the Spanish government a week ago in protest at Sánchez’s change of position, although Arabi has ruled out that this suspension is irreversible. He has insisted on asking the Executive for explanations in the face of a fact that they consider “extremely serious”. “When we talk about the territorial integrity of the two countries we want to know what is meant by the integrity of Moroccoif their borders are internationally known or if they take it for granted that the Sahara is part of Morocco”, he underlined.

Arabi took the opportunity to recall that Spain’s turnaround has not only upset his organization, but also “Parliament and government partners.” The Congress condemned Sánchez for changing his position hours before the historic trip of the President of the Executive to Rabat on April 7. On that trip he met with the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI and they agreed the “gradual” opening of the borders and a new “clear and ambitious” joint roadmap.

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