The police find the body of Pablo Sierra, the young man who disappeared in Badajoz, on the Guadiana river | Spain

Members of the GEO who have been combing the Guadiana area for days where the mobile phone of the 21-year-old student of Mathematics Pablo Sierra was found, have found this morning the lifeless body of the young man, who has disappeared for two weeks in Badajoz . A dog from the canine unit would have marked the area in which the body was found, according to sources in the investigation.

The first police inquiries after the boy’s disappearance pointed out that “he could have fallen into the river” that runs through the Extremaduran city. However, after combing for several days the area where an off-duty civil guard found his mobile phone on the same morning of Friday, December 3, when he heard it ringing, the investigators turned around and worked on another hypothesis: “He could have suffered a aggression”.

Days after stopping the search in the waters, members of the Special Operations Group (GEO) of the National Police joined last Monday, which finally found the boy’s body and confirmed his death. The autopsy will clarify if the initial hypothesis of the investigators that it is “an accidental death” is confirmed, or if new lines of investigation are opened.

Pablo Sierra lost track at the exit of an area of ​​bars and clubs in the city center, specifically on Zurbarán street on December 3. There he says goodbye to one of his friends at around 2:00 am on Friday, ready – according to them – to take a taxi that will take him to the Rucab university residence, far from the center. He lived there, as did his twin brother, a medical student, who raised the alarm on Friday morning when he realized that he had not returned despite the fact that they planned to return to his town, Zorita, in Cáceres. to spend a few days with his family.

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The insistent calls from his brothers to his mobile phone, still operational, alerted the agent who was walking with his dog early in the morning in the area called Las Crispitas, about three kilometers from where the last friend who saw him alive said goodbye to him. It is a vacant place, next to the river, and curiously in a completely opposite direction from that of the residence where he lived. “He could have gotten lost, if he was walking,” the agents initially thought.

However, a more detailed analysis of his mobile phone and the many interrogations of the friends with whom he went out that night yielded new data that opened new lines of investigation. According to these testimonies, Pablo Sierra could have had a scuffle with another boy that night for having accidentally thrown his mobile on the ground, although apparently it would have been solved at the same moment: “He left his data and everything to pay for the repair,” sources confirmed police.

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On the other hand, other sources cautiously pointed out that “blood traces could have been detected on his phone that could point to some violent act, although they have yet to determine who these biological remains correspond to.” Both things led the investigators to consider the hypothesis that his disappearance was neither voluntary, as the family insisted – “Pablo is a boy 10,” emphasized his aunt, Susana Moreno – neither accidental, but violent.

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