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The PNV spokesman in the Congress of Deputies, Aitor Esteban, reported this Tuesday that his group “does not consider the negotiation” with the Government on the General State Budgets (PGE) for 2022, because “we do not have an agreement global closed still ”. “Until the tail, everything is bull and there is still a lot of paperwork in both chambers,” he said.

At a press conference in the Lower House, Esteban has acknowledged that they have been “somewhat atypical” Budgets because “normally what we usually do is negotiate together and from there point out the position of the group”, but on this occasion it has been been “advancing little by little”. “As our amendments were being transacted or accepted, we have been providing coverage to the Government,” he said, although he stressed that he cannot say that the negotiation is “absolutely closed.”

Therefore, Esteban confirmed that “this is still open and we will continue talking” because “there are issues that still concern us and we would like to try to improve” taking into account that the process has not finished and “this is still long.” In this regard, government and socialist sources remarked that the agreement is “closed”, that “nothing is missing” beyond the PNV wanting to officially communicate it.

However, while Esteban was giving the press conference, he received a call from the Minister of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, which he did not take at that time. “Then we talk,” the PNV spokesman told reporters with a laugh.

Asked what he thinks the Government is going to give him if he does not need their votes as such to carry out the PGE, Esteban replied that “in order not to be necessary and not essential, we are quite good” for having managed to get 44 of its amendments approved .

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For example, he explained that today the voting has produced something that was already announced a couple of days ago but that is “very relevant”, referring to the improvement of the economic benefit for the care of minors affected by cancer, receiving up to the 23 years old and not just until 18.

To this he added having achieved improvements in investments, in R & D & i, culture, infrastructures and other negotiations such as the transfer of the Minimum Vital Income for his autonomous community. In this sense, he stressed that there are still issues that “interest” and want to discuss, such as the issue of high speed.

When asked about the role of EH Bildu in this negotiation and if he fears that the PNV has been replaced as a preferred partner, he said that all groups “play their cards” and the Government has to secure majorities with agreements, so that is “normal and habitual”. He did admit that he is surprised that after decades in which the PNV has been criticized from the world of the nationalist left, saying that it was “selling itself for a plate of lentils” now from EH Bildu “they are doing the same thing” and in “The reason” to the PNV regarding parliamentary work.

Finally, on whether the PNV will negotiate even when the budget text is in the Senate, Esteban did not rule out “nothing.” “Obviously, the processing is all the processing and it has two Chambers,” he said.

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