The Parliamentary Board admits the Referendum Law for processing


Referendum in Catalonia


The Board has accepted the request of JxSí and the CUP with five votes in favor and two against.


The Bureau of Parliament has admitted today the Referendum Law with five votes in favor (JxSí and CSQEP) and two against (Ciutadans and the PSC), as requested by JxSí and the CUP.

In an extraordinary meeting held before the start of the plenary session of the Parliament, the Bureau has thus given Green light to the processing of the Referendum Law proposal that could be approved today.

The Referendum Law was registered on July 31, but it had not been processed although the Table had met four times.

After the admission for processing of the Referendum Law, in today’s plenary session, which started at 10:15 am, it has already been requested to modify the order of the day – JxSí has ​​requested it – to include the norm with which they want to convene. , organize and hold the referendum on October 1.

JxSí and the CUP ask the Parliamentary Board to process the referendum law

JxSí and the CUP have registered a letter addressed to the Parliamentary Committee to admit the Referendum Law during the meeting that started at 09:00 this Wednesday, so that it can be debated and approved in today’s plenary session.

JxSí sources have explained that it is normally an “automatism” that the Table processes the laws presented by the groups, but they have formally requested it because the governing body of the Chamber has avoided processing the law in its last four meetings.

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Jx Yes has explained that They have also registered this petition so that it is clear that they are the deputies JxSí sovereignists and the CUP —71 seats— those who assume “political responsibility” to process the law, and not the members of the Board.

Application It only refers to the Referendum Law and not to the legal and foundational transitional law of the republic. Parliamentary sources of Junts pel Sí have explained that although the law of “disconnection” with the Spanish State does not appear in this request, the same sources assure that this “does not rule out” that it cannot be approved in plenary session this week or in the one called in an extraordinary way for next Friday, September 8: “step by step”, they point out.

The President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy, already warned in August that it would act against the law when the Table admitted it for processing, without waiting for it to be approved by the plenary session of the Catalan Chamber as the Spanish Executive has used to do until now.

After the admission for processing of the Referendum Law, the most foreseeable thing is that JxSí and the CUP will put in place all the mechanisms to approve it in the next few hours, and do not wait for either Thursday or the extraordinary plenary session on Friday.

The Secretary General of Parliament gave an order not to publish the law

The Secretary General of the Parliament, Xavier Muro, this morning gave orders to the services of the Chamber not to publish in the Official Gazette of the Parliament of Catalonia (BOPC) the bill of the referendum, which was later published with the endorsement of Junts pel Sí (JxSí).

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This has been explained by various opposition sources. In a subsequent meeting of the Table to analyze the opposition’s requests to reconsider the admission of the law, according to sources present at the session, Xavier Muro explained that he had instructed the Chamber officials not to publish that proposed law in the BOPC.

Given Muro’s refusal to give instructions for its publication, according to the sources consulted, the management has been made by the four members of Junts pel Sí en la Mesa: Lluís Guino, Anna Simó, Ramona Barrufet, as well as the president of the Catalan Chamber , Carme Forcadell.

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