The Parliament withdraws the seat from Juvillà (CUP) despite Borràs’s promises | Catalonia

The President of the Parlament, Laura Borràs (c), addresses the Committee on the Statute of Deputies, accompanied by several Junts deputies.
The President of the Parlament, Laura Borràs (c), addresses the Committee on the Statute of Deputies, accompanied by several Junts deputies.Quique Garcia (EFE)

The Parliament announced last night that it will remove the seat from the CUP deputy and third secretary of the Board, Pau Juvillà, sentenced to six months of disqualification for a crime of disobedience for not having removed some yellow ribbons in his office at the Lleida City Council during a electoral campaign of 2019. The anti-capitalist thus loses the act despite the staging of the independence groups and the promise of the president of the Chamber Laura Borras that she would keep the seat until the Supreme Court did not confirm the ruling.

The secretary general of the Chamber, Esther Andreu, officially communicated in a letter that due to “legal imperative” it will not hinder the execution of the mandate of the Central Electoral Board (JEC), which requests the seat of the anti-capitalist. The letter will be addressed in principle at a meeting of the Bureau. Andreu justifies in the text, advanced by RAC-1, that he complies with the orders of the JEC to avoid a case of disobedience against it or other officials of the chamber.

The content of the letter, according to sources from the Table, was already known by Borràs before the plenary session that was held to vote for a second time an opinion on the case. The extraordinary session had the objective of staging the defense of the seat of Juvillà by the independence movement and the commons, who on Wednesday had voted in favor of that opinion issued by the Commission of the Statute of the Deputy, directed by Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas, which establishes that a deputy can only be stripped of his act with a final sentence and that the limit of disobedience of the Parliament would be set not to endanger the officials.

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The text went ahead with 73 votes in favor, in a session convened only two hours in advance. PSC, Cs, PP and Vox (53) opted for no and criticized the “fictional politics” of the independentistas. The PSC, this time, voted against, very upset with the suspension of parliamentary activity this week. The eight deputies of the CUP and Juvillà did not participate in the vote, showing the division within the independence movement. The joint strategy to deal with the Juvillà case was to approve that opinion where, among other things, it was established that the limit to disobedience to the JEC was the situation of the officials. And precisely there has come the final blow to the claims of Borràs.

According to sources from Junts and the Bureau, there was an agreement for the CUP not to request Juvillà’s proxy vote yesterday in yesterday’s session, but finally they announced that they would. The request irritated Junts who wanted to maintain the tension strategy until next week. The deputy, however, no longer appeared in the call for the session. That is to say, de facto, the president of the Parliament already took away her greatest prerogative. In Junts they believe that this maneuver sought to throw Borràs into the cars, since the pact was to buy time with the story of disobedience. At the beginning of the session, Borràs argued that the delegation of the anti-capitalist’s vote had not been accepted – an impossible procedure for someone who has not been summoned – due to the cases of conflict of interest that appear in the regulations of the Chamber.

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The CUP criticized Borràs’s attitude. “Pau Juvillà has been denied the right to vote and to delegate his vote. He has not even been summoned to the plenary session ”, lamented his spokesperson. Eulalia Reguant. “This is not about Juvillà’s seat. It is about whether Borràs did a magic trick to see if he does what Roger Torrent did not dare to do with Quim Torra, ”said David Cid (En Comú Podem). The PSC and the right-wing bloc intensified their criticism of the opposition by accusing the independentistas of making political fiction. “You are not honest with yourselves or with the citizenry. They move in the field of appearances so as not to show what they really are and what they think”, Alícia Romero (PSC) snapped at them. Carlos Carrizosa, from Ciudadanos, has criticized what he considers a legal “subterfuge” to not accept that Juvillà is no longer a deputy and accused the PSC of having voted in favor of presenting an appeal to the Supreme Court. The popular, Alejando Fernández, has accused Borràs of having a behavior full of “arrogance” and “childishness”. “You wanted to close the plenary for 15 days and make a white week charging”, he has affirmed. The president has denied that those were her plans

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The point is that neither ERC nor Junts are clear about whether Juvillà is still a deputy. Borràs did not clear the doubt when opposition groups raised it in plenary. The truth is that parallel to the letter from the secretary general of the Chamber, the officials also took sides. For example, they did not prepare the voting button system because they did not know what would happen with the delegation of votes and avoid sanctions. Last night, the Parlament website indicated that Juvillà has not been a parliamentarian since last Monday. However, the deputy voted on Wednesday in the commission of the statute of the Deputy through the weighted vote, that is, the representative of the CUP did it for the nine members of his group, including Juvillà. The opinion prospered by 82 votes in favor and 53 against, which add up to the 135 of the Plenary.

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Letters to foreign Parliaments

The international front is the new playing area in which Borràs wants to transfer his gesticulation about the alleged disobedience. On Monday he wrote a letter to different international organizations and other legislative chambers in which he ends up accepting that the anti-capitalist no longer has the act and also denounces the “serious defenselessness.” The leader of the Parliament asks the recipients of the letter (among them, for example, the Parliament of Flanders or that of Denmark), if they can “take some kind of action to defend the rights of European citizens that this situation violates”. The letter describes the entire process and acknowledges that the electoral authority “has already dispossessed him of his record.” “Neither as president nor as a democrat can I accept that an administrative body unilaterally decides who she is and who cannot be a deputy, having been democratically chosen by the people of Catalonia,” she says. The note from the Parlament assures that there is already a response from some of the recipients of Borràs’ letter who have already responded. The Chamber of Flanders has approved a proposal for a resolution on what is happening in Catalonia and which it will address to the European Commission.

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