The Parliament defends being able to invest in Puigdemont and demands to release the prisoners




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The resolutions have been approved with the votes of JxCat, ERC and CUP, and the rejection of Cs, PSC and PPC. The Commons have supported some points in both proposals.


The plenary session of Parliament has approved this Wednesday two resolutions of JxCat, ERC and the CUP in which claims to be able to invest as president of the Generalitat to Carles Puigdemont, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Turull, and also that the release of all jailed sovereign leaders.

The initiative has had the rejection of Ciutadans (Cs), the PSC and the PPC, while some points put to the vote – freedom for the imprisoned deputies and compliance with the measures demanded by the UN in the case of Sànchez – have had support from Catalonia in Common-We can (CatECP).

On the other hand, the Chamber has rejected the Ciutadans proposal for a resolution that requested the resignation of Roger Torrent, for exercising his position “arbitrarily and tendentiously” in favor of the pro-independence parties according to Cs. The proposal has been rejected with the votes of JxCat, ERC, PSC, CatECP and the CUP, and the votes in favor of Cs and PP.

One of the resolutions, which have had the support of the commons, called for the “immediate release of all the deputies and former deputies “of the Parlament” who are deprived of liberty. “Ciutadans has not wanted to participate in this precise vote, considering it” outrageous “to tell justice” what to do. “

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The other approved resolution commits the Chamber “to adopt all necessary measures to guarantee” that Puigdemont, Sànchez and Turull can exercise their political rights, including being able to submit to an investiture debate in the immediate future.

In the explanatory statement of this resolution, it is recalled that Puigdemont “He was forced to renounce his investiture before the blockade” by the precautionary measures issued by the Constitutional Court to prevent his election as president.

It is also remembered that Sanchez, in preventive detention, was not authorized to attend his investiture session, so he went to the UN Human Rights Committee, which called, without going into the merits of the matter, to adopt “all the necessary measures to guarantee “That JxCat number two could” exercise his political rights. “

The third candidate proposed by JxCat for the investiture was Turull, that after not obtaining enough votes to be invested last Thursday, he could no longer appear for the second vote on Saturday because he had been imprisoned.

Groups opinions

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The deputy of JxCat, Gemma Geis, has warned that her group is determined to invest in Puigdemont despite the obstacles of the State: “We do not renounce the investiture of Puigdemont. We are the list of the president and we will do everything possible to protect his legitimacy as president “. Likewise, he has urged the Supreme Court judge, Pablo Llarena, to respect his “political rights.”

The deputy of ERCAnna Caula, has criticized the State “for the abuse of power” by putting obstacles to the investiture of Puigdemont, Sànchez and Turull, and has criticized that there are sovereign prisoners when the only violence that has occurred in Catalonia, in her opinion, was the police charges of October 1.

The deputy of the CUP, Carles Riera, has challenged JxCat and ERC to convene “now” a plenary session to invest Puigdemont as president and added: “We will assume all the responsibilities that are necessary to make it happen, with all the consequences.”

The leader of CitizensInés Arrimadas, has considered it a “barbarity” that the independentistas intend to tell the Spanish and German justice “who should get out” of prison: “Get out of the bubble of procés”, he said.


Arrimadas, during his speech. Photo: EFE

The deputy spokesperson for the PSC In the Parliament, Ferran Pedret, has said that he “empathizes with the suffering” that is being experienced in the independence ranks, although he has asked “not to deepen the conflict” and to seek “spaces for dialogue” in Catalan politics.

The chairman of the parliamentary group of Catalonia in Common-We can, Xavier Domènech, has urged the pro-independence majority to “take a step back” and form a “broad and transversal” Government with “independent” personalities that represent “diverse sensitivities”.

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For his part, the president of the PPC, Xavier Garcia Albiol, has accused the pro-independence parties of acting as an “arson firefighter” and of “endorsing” in full “the conflict and chaos” that groups of “radicals” have sown in Catalan streets and highways since last weekend.


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