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The Parliament has given the green light this Monday to the processing of the Generalitat’s budgets for 2020, with the votes in favor of ERC and JxCat and the abstention of En Comú Podem, which has allowed to overturn the amendments to the totality presented by the rest of opposition groups.

The 65 votes of ERC and JxCat, together with the eight abstentions of the common ones, have been enough to reject the amendments to the totality to the budgets presented by the PSC, Vox, the CUP, Cs and the PPC and, at the end of the vote , the President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, greeted the Minister of Economy, Jaume Giró, and the leader of En Comú Podem in Parliament, Jéssica Albiach.

The vote took place after a parliamentary debate of more than five hours, starring the minister Jaume Giró with the parliamentary spokesmen, hours after the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, announced his agreement with the commons to save the accounts of change that ERC in turn facilitate the approval of the Ada Colau municipal government budgets.

Once this procedure is completed, the income forecast and the maximum global expense of the accounts, as well as their distribution by sections, are set. The Generalitat’s Budget Bill for 2022 includes a total expenditure of 38,139 million euros, which represents an increase of 5,618 (17.3%) compared to the last accounts approved in 2020, while the revenue forecast does not financial and non-finalists is 27,256 million euros, 394 more (1.5%).

After the refusal of the CUP to withdraw its amendment to the entirety and the refusal of Aragonès to negotiate with the PSC, the president has found in the commons his only lifeline to overcome the admission for processing of the accounts.

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JxCat decided to distance itself this Sunday from the negotiation with the commons opened by its ERC partners in the Government, which it urged to make one last effort to try to convince the CUP to withdraw its amendment to the entirety.

JxCat’s decision to ignore the negotiation ‘in extremis’ with the commons, despite the fact that it had been the Department of Economy led by Jaume Giró that had prepared the document of rapprochement with En Comú Podem, angered the Republicans.

In parallel to the meeting that ERC representatives in the Government held this Sunday afternoon with the negotiators of En Comú Podem, Aragonès met secretly in his office with Giró, independent minister appointed by JxCat.

JxCat criticizes the pact: “It is the prelude of the tripartite”

The JxCat deputy in the Parliament Joan Canadell has attacked the ERC’s “broad route” after the agreement that the Government has reached with the commons to save the budget process: “It is the prelude to a tripartite”.

In his intervention in the debate on the entire budget of the Generalitat in Parliament, Canadell asked the president of the Generalitat if he would prefer to continue agreeing “with non-independence parties”, since he has warned that they will not find Junts “in a 180-degree turn towards autonomy “, which is what represents, from his point of view, the” broad path “of ERC.

Canadell has also vindicated JxCat as the party of “confrontation” and has said that, with the pact that ERC and the commons have reached, “the independence majority” of 52% is cracked.

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During Canadell’s speech, Aragonès left the chamber visibly upset after exchanging a few words with the vice president of the Government, Jordi Puigneró, who was sitting in the next seat.

For the JxCat deputy, the agreement of the Government with the commons “moves away” the “onslaught” with the State, and has warned that, “without a Government of 52%”, the legislature “may be touched”: “If it What we want is to turn 180 degrees towards autonomy, they will not find us “.

Along these lines, he has asked the CUP “what does it gain” with its amendment to the totality of the budgets, and has asked the pro-independence parties to “sit down” to see if the “crack” is fixed or if it becomes ” death way”.

Canadell has also charged against the commons – which will make it easier for the Government to save the first budget process – and has erected Junts as the guarantor that the policies of the mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, will not reach Catalonia.


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