The Pantailak Euskaraz initiative presents a manifesto in favor of the audiovisual offer in Basque



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The movement has shown concern about the “serious situation” of the Basque language in the audiovisual world, and the text issued has had the support of 35 social agents.

The Pantailak Euskaraz initiative has presented this Saturday a manifesto in favor of audiovisual productions in Basque, at a press conference within the framework of the Durango Fair, in the Irudienea space. The declaration has had the support of 35 social agents from various fields.

The text has been submitted by Izaskun Rekalde, Netflix spokesman in Basque, and Alex Aguinagalde placeholder image, Disney Plus spokesperson in Basque. The event was also attended by Iñigo Arandia and Ibon Iza, representatives of the Tinko Euskara and Zinemak Euskaraz associations. In addition, a special mention has been made of Bikoiztaile Euskaldunen Elkartea and Game Erauntsia, both also promoters of the initiative.

The movimiento Screens in Basque was born in June 2021, due to the concern of various agents and popular initiatives about the “serious situation” and the “scarce presence” of Basque in audiovisuals. They intend to “reverse the situation and make a contribution in favor of a future in Basque”.

Likewise, as Aguinagalde has specified, through their proposals they try to “take firm steps towards the normalization of Basque, promote and disseminate the production of audiovisual creations in Basque, strengthen the quality of dubbing and subtitles, and promote the consumption of a culture and audiovisuals in Basque “.

To do this, they have developed and presented a document that includes ten proposals. Rekalde explained that the measures contained in it “are strategic, both for our language and for our people.”

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To begin with, the proponents of the manifesto request a “increased public funding” in the sector of audiovisual productions in Basque. In this sense, they ask to strengthen the EITB group and “turn it into a tool for the standardization of Basque”.

They have also put on the table the proposal of create a “strong” platform of streaming in Basque, while asking to guarantee by law the presence of Basque on platforms of streaming already existing, as well as the creation of laws of the cinema.

As far as video games and creators’ platforms are concerned, the Pantailak Euskaraz initiative calls for “guaranteeing and promoting the presence of Basque”.

On the other hand, the request for the creation of “own audiovisual laws”, as well as its own audiovisual council in each territorial administration. In the same way, they intend to claim the offer of content in Basque from the Spanish and French public channels, and the creation of a coordinating body made up of representatives of the three territorial administrations

Social agents from the audiovisual world and Basque culture have joined the manifesto: AEK Alfabetatze Euskalduntze Koordinakundea, the association of audiovisual creators APIKA, Bertsozale Elkartea, BIEUSE Bikoiztaile Euskaldunen Elkartea, the Kafe Antzokia de Bilbao, the Disney + Euskaraz initiative, EBI Elizbarrutiko Ikastetxeak, EHBE Euskal Herriko Bikoizleen Elkartea, la Asociación de Traductores, Correctores e Intérpretes Vascos EIZIE, Ene Kantak taldea, Euskal Encodings, EHE Euskal Herrian Euskaraz, Euskal Konfederazioa, EPE / APV Euskal Produktoreen Elkartea, Game Erauntsia, la elkartea de medio de comunicación en euskera Hekimen, IBAIA, Ikastolen Elkartea, Izarkom, Kantu Kolore, Katxiporreta, Euskalgintzaren Kontseilua, Kristau Eskola, Lanartea, Napar audiovisual production Navarre, Netflix Euskaraz, la association Sortzen por la escuela pública, Tinko Euskara Elkartea, Euskaltzaleen Topagunea, 3000TWITZ , the federation of Basque municipalities UEMA, UEU Udako Euskal University,, Zinemak Euskaraz and the Zukugailua association.

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