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It is a coordinated attack. One after another, the opposition spokespersons in the Madrid Assembly recall a controversy that was tried to silence in the previous plenary session: the alleged link between the expenses of several hospitals and the brother of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Ask the spokesperson for Podemos, Carolina Alonso. And remember “censorship” his counterpart from the PSOE, Juan Lobato. And the joint action ends Mónica García, from Más Madrid, shooting with everything. “You have to have a lot of courage to do business with friends or family in the middle of the pandemic,” she blurts out as the president looks her in the eye for the first time in the legislature. If the opposition was knocked out by the punch of Díaz Ayuso in the 4-M elections, now he is a boxer who believes he has found the salts with which to react in the president’s brother or in the pandemic contracts. And that is why a row of those that make an epoch breaks out: the PP responds with everything.

“Would you like us to drag the name of your husband and the name of the company in which he works with any accusation without any evidence?”, Starts in response to García the spokesman of the PP, Alfonso Serrano, who affirms that no evidence is known of any misappropriation or abuse of power, and that invokes the list of complaints against the leader of the Executive who has rejected justice. “Would you like us to force your appearance? That we take his father to the Prosecutor’s Office to make us a video of Tik Tok and then have it archived? ”, He continues. “Is that brave? Is it wrong to accuse this government of taking bites and the president of stealing? Is raising the level to impute a crime without evidence and then say ‘something has come to me?’, He adds. And then, amid the applause of the 65 popular deputies, standing up for a closed ovation, he shouts, trying to make himself heard, because the anger is total: “We are never going to overcome the red line of putting the family in politics. They are incapable of winning at the polls! ”.

Díaz Ayuso applauds like the most. It is his first moment of respite in a morning that starts with dark predictions for his interests. The hours before the plenary session are filled with quiet conversations. The opposition does not forgive that in the previous plenary session, deputy Carmen López was expelled for mentioning the president’s brother, which caused Más Madrid, PSOE, Vox and Podemos to leave the hemicycle en bloc. “Things are not going to stay that way,” is the message. From call to call, and from group to group, the left-wing parties agree not to let the issue die. And its coordinated strategy branches out in two ways.

There is a factual one: as EL PAÍS advanced, the PSOE registers the request to create an investigation commission on emergency contracts in the pandemic in which those signed with the company where Díaz Ayuso’s brother works could well be audited. And there is another declarative: time and again the thorny question comes up in plenary, challenging the president, María Eugenia Carballedo, who silenced her last week.

―Last week, a deputy of this Chamber was expelled by the president for asking if her brother was dedicated to visiting hospitals, suggesting which companies to hire, Alonso, the Podemos spokesperson, begins the session in her question to Díaz Ayuso .

“Madam deputy, we got off to a bad start,” the Speaker of the House interrupts.

“Excuse me, I’m raising a question that happened last year.”

“To the question, Your Honor.”

“I ask you: do you know anything about this?” Think about it, because today’s answers may be tomorrow’s accusations. (…) Only his brother’s company has won 10 contracts [desde septiembre de 2019 hasta marzo de 2020 contratos por valor de 70.503,41] and zero explanations.

It is not an exceptional intervention. On the contrary, one after another the other spokesmen on the left mention the issue. Lobato, from the PSOE, recalls “the full censorship.” And García, from Más Madrid, warns: “I’m not going to get down because the irregularities come from any friend or family member, even if it’s from you.”

The opposition promises war, and to the war that Díaz Ayuso is going, one by one he is answering all the questions without hardly raising his tone.

“I have no working relationship with my family,” he says.

“I don’t know the name of any of his relatives.” I’m not interested, ”he adds.

This time, the president of the Assembly does not say anything. It does not matter that Díaz Ayuso labels the deputy spokesperson for Podemos, Alejandra Jacinto, a “failed lawyer”. Or that Rocío Monasterio describes the husband of the vice president of the Valencian Community, Mónica Oltra, as “the alleged abuser of girls”. The same regulation that the previous week served to expel a Socialist deputy should not remain in force for ensuring that the president’s brother “is dedicated to going through the hospitals to suggest to the contracting units which company to hire.” Because nothing happens. And at the same time everything happens: Vox, which last week joined the protests of the left leaving the plenary session, has announced that it will not allow the investigation into the emergency contracts signed to combat the pandemic to see the light.

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