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The cumulative incidence of COVID-19 continues to grow in our country. After several weeks below 50 cases, which is considered a low risk, this has been growing in recent days to stand at 323.07 cases per 100,000 inhabitants according to the latest report provided by the Ministry of Health. Data in which 17,012 new cases and 60 deaths have been recorded as a result of the coronavirus outbreak that arrived in Spain in January 2020.

For the same reason, and given that the number of both infections and deaths does not stop growing, it is important to recover some of the measures that we had neglected as a result of the good data recorded in recent weeks. Among them, avoiding crowds and wearing the mask in those scenarios in which we cannot be one and a half meters away from other people.

How to avoid crowds this Christmas

Would you like to avoid crowds but don’t know how? Now it is easier than ever with Google Maps. Just a few weeks ago, the famous Google maps service added a new tool through which you can find out how busy a certain neighborhood is before approaching it. Until now, the map platform helped you to know how busy public transport was, the roads and even the different shops and restaurants.

Google Maps shows you the busy areas near you. / SER string

From now on it will also show you how busy the different neighborhoods are. After opening the application, Google Maps will show us a new luminous circle by means of which it warns us about the crowded areas near our position. If we click on this icon, we can see the busiest hours in that neighborhood, in case we prefer to visit it at another time when there is less influx of people.

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What are the peak hours of the places we frequent the most?

According to a study developed by Google based on data analyzed from its famous map application, weekends, especially Saturdays, are the day we socialize the most. Among other recommendations to avoid crowds, the famous search engine suggests that we avoid having coffee in the middle of the morning on Saturdays at 11:00, which is when the cafes are busiest and that dinner in a restaurant, better before or after 21:00, which is when they have the most reservations.

To play sports in the park, the best time of the week is Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. In case you usually go for a run on weekends, avoid Saturdays at 7:00 p.m. because it is the busiest time. And Wednesdays is precisely the worst day to go to the pharmacy, where the highest attendance is registered at 11:00. Therefore, and before organizing any plan, check in advance the possible crowds to avoid unnecessary stress.


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