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Covid-19 continues to be the star topic of the year. Few content has managed to have so much diffusion: the fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp and the holidays of Shakira and Piqué in Gipuzkoa stand out.

For the second year in a row, covid-19 has once again been the protagonist of the 2021 news without any surprise. Content related to the coronavirus occupies several of the most visited positions on The public has been aware of the last hour of the pandemic at all times; to this day it is still current. We review the most viewed news of 2021 on

The coronavirus data continues to be one of the star news. We wanted to know first-hand the daily cases, the rate of positivity, the new hospitalizations, the deaths … These are the data that we collect daily in the X-rays of the Basque Autonomous Community and the Foral Community of Navarra, day by day and town to town. Last year they managed to get to first place; This year, the podium has taken another piece of news.

The worldwide drop suffered by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp last October is the most visited news of 2021. The impediment of being able to connect to these social networks generated great interest, making the news the most consulted.

After the end of the state of alarm last May, the different measures adopted by the LABI have also been among the most widely read. At that time, they lifted the curfew and the perimeter closures, the hotel industry closed at 22:00, maintain a capacity of 50% … However, weeks before, the news about the perimeter closures ordered by LABI in those municipalities or historic territories that exceed 400 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. At this time, the news about how to download the covid-19 passport stands out.

Few topics have interested as much as the pandemic. However, it is worth noting the only video that has crept into the most viewed news. In June, Shakira and Piqué came to Gipuzkoa on vacation and took the opportunity to surf the artificial wave of Aizarnazabal.


These are the ten most visited contents of 2021:

1- WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram recover the connection after a drop of more than six hours worldwide

2- X-ray of the coronavirus in Euskadi: cases by age, people and sex

3- 19 municipalities will be closed perimeter from Monday in the CAV

4- These are the measures in force in Euskadi

5- Álava, Vitoria and 25 other municipalities of the CAV are already closed perimeter

6- What can and cannot be done in Euskadi from Sunday

7- The Basque Government will update today the list of municipalities in red

8- 79 municipalities of the Basque Autonomous Community, closed perimeter

9- How to download the covid-19 passport in Euskadi

10- Shakira surfs in the artificial wave of Aizarnazabal, in Gipuzkoa

On the other hand, no video about the pandemic is seen among the most watched videos of 2021. Shakira and Piqué are joined by a man who recorded his suicide to claim euthanasia or Israel’s bombings of Gaza last May.


These are the ten most viewed videos of 2021:

1- Shakira surfs in the artificial wave of Aizarnazabal, in Gipuzkoa

2- Shakira and Piqué, on vacation in Gipuzkoa

3- A 58-year-old man records his suicide and claims euthanasia

4- Seven students die after falling from a fourth floor in a Bolivian university

5- At least 22 Palestinians killed, including 9 children, in an Israeli bombardment on Gaza

Regarding the content on sport, the great variety of news that have been classified among the ten most read stands out: the Couples Championship, the Cup final between Athletic Club and Real Sociedad, the Bandera de la Concha, retirement by Aimar Olaizola, among others. It is clear that our sports continue to interest us like never before. These are the ten most consulted sports content.

1- Classifications and calendar of Couples 2021

2- Damaris Egurrola resigns to play with the Spanish team

3- The “Bai edo Bai” initiative is underway to virtually fill La Cartuja

4- Calendario UCI World Tour 2021

5- The consequences of the coronavirus in sports

6- Athletic suggests to Unai López that he look for a way out for next season

7- Santurtzi and Arraun Lagunak triumph in La Concha

8- Capa will not renew under the conditions offered by Athletic Club

9- Aimar Olaizola will play his last game on November 13

10- General classification of the leagues Eusko Label and Euskotren 2021

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