The ‘most expensive petrol station in the UK’ – where fuel costs over £2 a liter

Drivers think they’ve found ‘the most expensive petrol station in the UK’, and they’re not happy about it. The petrol station has been advertising unleaded petrol at £1.90-a-litre, and diesel at £2.07-a-litre.

Motorists have hit out at the petrol station on social media. The petrol station in question is in Scotland.

The price at the Highlands garage equates to £9.43 a gallon and was spotted over the Easter weekend. The Cluanie Inn – on the A887, the main Skye to Inverness road – is also advertising unleaded petrol at £1.90-a-litre.

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According to the RAC the average UK price for unleaded petrol on April 13 was £1.62-a-litre while diesel was £1.76.This is slightly down on record highs seen in March, where average pump prices hit 167.3p per liter for petrol and 179.9p for diesel, and comes after Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced 5p-a-litre cut to fuel duty.

Motorists took to social media to sell their astonishment at The Cluanie Inn prices. “Gold flakes in that fuel,” wrote one.

“At least Dick Turpin wore a mask,” said another, while a driver added: “At that price they don’t need to be open all day! Few cars in that’s them made a profit.”

“I would push my car to the next garage,” said a fellow motorist. Another joked: “Might fill up the lorry there tomorrow.”

Fuel prices first started rising due to high global demand as the UK began to come out of the coronavirus crisis. But the war in Ukraine has pushed up prices even higher, largely down to sanctions of the imports of Russian-sourced oil.

Changes in prices at the pump are linked to the price of crude oil and the dollar exchange rate. Russia is one of the world’s largest oil exporters and demand for oil from other producers has increased since the invasion, leading to higher prices.

Although the UK imports just 6% of its crude oil from Russia, it is still affected when global prices rise. It comes as the UK inflation rate rose to 7% in the year to March, the highest rate since 1992 and up from 6.2% in February, says the Mirror.

The cost of living is expected to rise even further after the energy price cap was increased, driving up gas and electricity bills for millions. Fuel had the biggest impact on the inflation rate, with average petrol prices rising by 12.6p per liter between February and March.

The Cluanie Inn has said that its fuel prices were based on its remote location, the cost of transporting petrol and diesel to the site, and that it relied on a diesel generator to power the pumps and point of sale machine 24/7.

“We do not make any profit out of the fuel sales,” said Vanessa Crasto, vice president of parent group Black Sheep Hotels. “It is more a service we provide. There is no other fuel pump for many miles and we keep ours open 24/7 as a service. The Cluanie Inn has no (mains) electricity. It relies on the diesel generator.”

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