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Travel trends that emerged in the hardest part of the pandemic, such as proximity and nature getaways, will continue during 2022. Also experience tourism, which it proposes to do and not just look at, will increase its demand, according to Joan Balaguer, CEO. from Logitravel. International travel will increase a lot, so that, according to the annual report of eDreams ODIGEO A Year in Travel, “Of the 10 most popular destinations to travel in 2022, 6 are abroad; in 2021 there were only 2 destinations ”. The European capitals, always a safe value, will make their place. Although it is the great adventures that have the most ballots to succeed next year, yes, without lowering their guard. “The volumes of incidence of the covid and the low numbers of infections will be important when choosing a destination,” says Balaguer.

See you in the caribbean

“With the progressive opening of borders and relaxation of travel restrictions at the international level, we are seeing how information searches and long-distance travel rebound strongly. They already represent 22% of all travel searches by 2022 ”, reveals Balaguer. “The Caribbean, United States, Maldives, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Turkey [a caballo entre Europa y Asia], Japan or Costa Rica are experiencing a boom in interest, and we believe that next year they will be among the most reserved for traveling outside the Spanish borders ”, he lists.

“The Caribbean is recovering faster than other regions, thanks to its flexibility in restrictions to receive tourists and its low contagion rates,” emphasizes the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC, for its acronym in English). “In the search for new places to enjoy the outdoors and relax on a beautiful beach, Anguilla is taking positions, and 2022 may be its year,” the guide details. Best in Travel 2022 by Lonely Planet on this UK territory in the Eastern Caribbean. Five of the eight best destinations to explore in 2022, according to Booking, are outside of Europe. And one, Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, is, again, in the Caribbean. Accompanying him on this list are Atlanta, the lively cultural hub of the southern United States; Taichung, the second largest city in Taiwan, famous for its huge night markets; Gramado, in southern Brazil, or Malaca, a historic state of Malaysia. 45% of those interviewed by Booking about travel plans have been saving since the pandemic began, not being able to make long trips, and they say that money will not be a problem for 2022. “70% will not care where they always go let it be the kind of trip they want. They will just be happy to be away from home ”, concludes the survey.

Europe, safe value

From Logitravel they detect an increase in interest in Iceland or Finland, while the traveling publisher Lonely Planet bets on Slovenia or Norway, territories less trite than the main, and popular, European capitals: Rome, Paris, Berlin, Venice, Amsterdam, Vienna, Budapest , Prague, London or Lisbon, which, beware, “will continue to be attractive and highly sought after destinations,” predicts Balaguer. “Paris, Rome and London are the ones chosen by travelers to fly in 2022”, reveals eDreams ODIGEO, which adds Amsterdam and Milan when it lands in the preferences of the Spanish. Booking, for its part, suggests entering the medieval atmosphere of Brasov, in Romania, a 13th century city in the heart of Transylvania, and inspiration for the Dracula by Bram Stoker. Also in the Victorian gem on the North Wales coast that is Llandudno, known as ‘the queen of Welsh resorts’. Or in the Mediterranean beauty of Montpellier, in the south of France.

The hits Spanish people

In Balaguer’s opinion, the demand for nature trips and inland tourism in Spain will return “to levels similar to those of the pre-ndemic”, but there is a part of consumers who will continue to look for them in Galicia, Asturias and the Pyrenees. Between January and May 2021, the magazine Travel + Leisure He asked his readers what attracted them to a city, and the majority responses spoke of proximity to natural wonders, but also of good gastronomy, tranquility and cultural heritage. Based on their opinions, the magazine published a list of the 25 best cities in the world last September. San Sebastián was one of them. “Spain is a country with great attractions; Destinations such as the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands and the coasts have always been strong in the summer season, and we believe they will continue to be so, ”says Balaguer. “In summer 2019, trips to the Spanish islands represented 52% of the volume of package reservations; We think that the data for 2022 will be similar, with a high demand ”, he puts as an example. Barcelona, ​​Tenerife, Madrid and Seville are listed in the top 10 from eDreams ODIGEO of the preferences of the Spanish people for a next getaway. The desire to discover nearby paradises is intact.

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