The metal workers of Bizkaia on strike, June 6, 2019:



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In addition, ELA, CC.OO., LAB and UGT have called work stoppages for June 7, 21 and 22.


Metal workers before the BEC

The workers of the metal sector of Bizkaia are summoned this Thursday by the unions ELA, CC.OO., LAB and UGT to a second day of strike in demand of “a worthy agreement“Unions have highlighted the” broad ” follow-up, which “can be around 85%“.

Along with the strike day, the workers gathered in front of the Bilbao Exhibition Center in Barakaldo at 11:30 am.

Speaking to the media, the representative of IS IT OVER THERE, Mikel Etxebarria, has highlighted that this Thursday there has been “a great strike” with a “very broad” and “generalized” follow-up that “may be around 85%” and that it is being “homogeneous” throughout the sector.

He has indicated that the monitoring “is even greater” than in the previous strike day and that “reference companies in Bizkaia are stopping”, and added that the Petronor contracts, with some 3,000 workers, “are not entering” to work and that “many companies are stopping, both large and small.”

Mikel Etxebarria has appealed to the workers so that this Friday’s strike day is “also a great strike and more companies and workers join.” For tomorrow, Friday, another demonstration is called that will start from the Sacred Heart at 11:30 am and will conclude in the Euskadi square, where the FVEM headquarters are located.

In addition, Etxebarria has warned the employers that if on June 17 they do not answer “affirmatively” to the union platform, they will continue the strikes on June 20 and 21.

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This strike occurs after the one registered on May 23 and after the meeting of the negotiating table that took place this Monday and which concluded without an agreement between the parties, as the unions consider the contents included in the new proposal to be “insufficient”. made by the Biscayan Federation of Metal Companies (FVEM).

The latest proposal presented by the employer includes some increases that represent a salary increase in tables as of January 1, 2019 of a total of 3.4%, in addition to the indefinite ultra-activity and increases with respect to the tables of the agreement for the two years of validity of the same, 2019 and 2020.

Unions accuse employers of ‘laughing at workers’

The unions calling for the strike in the Bizkaia metal sector have described the employer’s proposal as “disappointing”, and have accused the Biscayan Federation of Metal Companies (FVEM) of being “laughing at the workers in the sector and their representatives”, after the meeting held on Monday, in which “they did not even ask to call off the work stoppages.” For Iker Gonzalo, from CCOO, the employer “is betting on maintaining a pulse and a strategy of attrition.”

Gonzalo recalled that the unions expected for the meeting this Monday “at least one serious movement on the part of FVEM, and what we find is that it seems more than they are laughing at the workers, and so we told him openly. “

From the union point of view, the employer’s proposal is “even lower than the last one they made at the negotiating table in their day, because they propose to leave 2018 out of the agreement, a year for which they do not propose any increase or retroactivity, and what that they proposed for 2019 and 2020 is also lower than what they had already proposed and which was rejected. “

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The representative of CCOO Euskadi has added that of the ten points collected in the joint platform established and raised by the four unions in common, “nothing at all in particular on issues such as subrogation, gender equality, occupational health, the right of subrogation or measures to limit the eventuality, flexibility or the hiring of temporary agencies or in terms of reduction of working hours “.


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