The MEN Schools Awards are back for 2022 – and nominations are open


The MEN Schools Awards have returned for 2022 – as we prepare to celebrate the amazing work being done in schools across Greater Manchester. The awards, hosted by Manchester Evening News, and with headline sponsor One Education, will be held on July 8 – for more information, visit the official website.

The awards are an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of schools, staff and students across the region and their dedication to improving education. The Covid-19 pandemic presented significant challenges for schools as students and staff had to adapt to remote learning, changing safety measures, and the stress of a pandemic.

Nonetheless, schools, pupils and teachers alike showed outstanding resilience and a constant dedication to achieving incredible things in the face of adversity. Whether it was schools innovating the way they approach learning, teachers striving to inspire students, or pupils pushing themselves to reach greater heights, schools across Greater Manchester saw a range of outstanding accomplishments.

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The MEN Schools Awards give us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the outstanding work of schools across Greater Manchester – and the headline sponsor of this year’s awards is One Education.

One Education is dedicated to helping schools create a learning environment in which students and staff can flourish. Providing specialist services in a range of areas – including school business management, teaching and learning, welfare services and special educational needs – One Education works to meet a school’s specific needs, and make learning fulfilling for everyone involved.

Chief executive at One Education, Stuart Fern said: “Working alongside schools, it is always inspiring to see so many teachers, support staff, and leadership teams working so effectively to improve children’s education experience and really make ‘putting children first’ happen.

“It’s down to their dedication that children have the chance to reach their full potential and change their lives for the better, forever! That is why One Education is so proud to take part in this celebration of excellence within schools and recognize the achievements of colleagues and pupils throughout the region.”

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Editor-in-chief of the Manchester Evening News, Darren Thwaites said:

“This is our chance to shine a light on the brilliant work that goes on in our schools. It’s never been more important to do so after the challenges that teachers and pupils have overcome during the pandemic. We’re delighted to get the chance to recognize their exceptional efforts and achievements.”

Nominations for the awards are currently open – so if you can think of a deserving nominee, we want to hear from you. To enter, visit the website and fill in an entry form. You can read all about our previous winners here.

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There are 11 categories in total this year, which are as follows:

Wellbeing Award

This award is for an individual, class or whole school who make it a priority to lead a healthy lifestyle. This could be by encouraging exercise, or teaching pupils about eating healthy foods. Maybe at your school you grow vegetables or have an allotment, or a project to encourage fitness, well-being or mental health? If your school makes healthy living a priority tell us about it!

School in the Community Award

This award is for a class, year group or whole school who play an active role in their local community. This may be through raising money for charity, performing in the community, helping others in the area or working together to make your local neighborhood a better place. Tell us about the inspirational work you do in the local area!

Primary School Class Team of the Year

Does your school have an outstanding class or team? We want to hear how pupils and teachers have worked together to really stand out. It could be a sports team that has trained hard, or an orchestra/choir, or drama group has worked together on a performance. Maybe a class within the school has really excelled, or completed a project? Tell us about your inspirational teams!

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High School Class Team of the Year

This award is for teams and classes with a dedication to excellence that raises the bar for everyone around them. Whether it’s a choir that works tirelessly to put together great performances, a drama group that have given their all to a show, or a sports team that never stops aiming for number one. Or maybe it’s a class that came together for an outstanding project – whoever they are, we want to hear about the inspirational teams at your school!

School Support Staff of the Year

This award is for any member of non-teaching school staff who has played a vital role in the running of the school and the happiness and security of the children. It may be a teaching assistant, administrative staff member, care taker, careers advisor or any other member of support or administrative staff who make a real difference to individual children, classes or the whole school.

Primary School Teacher of the Year

Do you know an inspirational primary school teacher? We are looking for someone who has shown constant dedication, kindness and understanding that inspires young people every day. Tell us about the teachers who go the extra mile to give the best opportunities to the children they teach through their education and playing a vital role in their day to day school life.

High School Teacher of the Year

Teachers play a huge role in the day to day school life of students – and this award is for high school educators who live up to that responsibility. Providing support, inspiration, and most importantly joy in learning – this award is for a high school teacher who goes the extra mile, to give their students the best possible opportunities to learn.

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Primary School Head Teacher of the Year

This award is for outstanding primary school leaders, whose guidance and leadership help to create a dynamic learning environment, where the pupils are happy and encouraged to reach their full potential. Tell us about your outstanding head teachers and why they should be put forward for this award.

High School Head Teacher of the Year

A head teacher’s role is to cultivate an environment in which students can thrive – and this award is for high school head teachers who have committed themselves to that work. We want to hear about head teachers who give their all to provide a space for learning in which students feel supported, encouraged able to reach their full potential.

Primary School of the Year

This will be awarded to the primary school who in the opinion of the judges have had an outstanding academic year. This may embrace improvements in attendance levels, parent engagement or examination results. Schools applying may have made, developed or built upon partnerships in the local community, achieved new credentials, or competition success. Whatever your school’s achievements, tell us about them and win the recognition you deserve for your hard work.

Secondary School of the Year

This category is for secondary schools that have achieved something outstanding over the academic year. This could be through improving results, building better relationships with parents, increasing attendance or even creating partnerships in the local area. We want to know how your secondary school has gone above and beyond to help both students and staff thrive.

If you think you know a school or class that fits the bill, we want to hear from you. Nominations are open at the official website.


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