The mayor of Azpeitia urges Tapia to a public debate before the Azpeitiarras




Nagore Alkorta has defended that the City Council is very interested in opening the Corrugados plant in Azpeitia and has been surprised by the “media whirlwind” unleashed by the PNV.

The possibility of reopening of the mythical company Corrugados Azpeitia that was leaked to the media on March 6 has marked in recent days the Basque political debate with accusations of “lack of political will” by the PNV to EH Bildu, which has the mayor’s office of the town, and the request for “respect” by the sovereignist coalition, which insists that the reopening in the current location it is “illegal” and believes that the PNV seeks to obtain “political profit.”

The mayor, Nagore Alkorta, very upset that the PNV “has decided to transfer the issue to the media”, “when we had not yet held a single meeting between all the entities involved, and no business plan has yet been presented by the company , neither a technical report, nor a feasibility plan “has published a open letter this Saturday in which he explains the position of the City Council and asks the Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government, Arantza Tapia, a “public debate before the Azpeitiarras” if you want to continue with the “publicly initiated debate“.” If the counselor wants to continue with this legal debate publicly, at least, I want to ask her to do it under the same conditions: with respect, in advance and with the necessary time. Understanding that it would be interesting for the Azpeitiarras, the Azpeitia City Council would be willing to put all the facilities and resources necessary to carry out the public debate, “says the letter.

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Alkorta begins the letter making it clear that “the Azpeitia City Council is very interested in opening the Corrugados plant in Azpeitia. We have expressed this publicly and this is how we have communicated it to both the Basque Government and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, and also to the Crystian Lay company. From the beginning, we have shown a total willingness to work for the most remote opportunity to open Corrugados, in favor of the jobs “.

The consistory considers that it would be illegal the reopening of the plant in the urban core, as the company would propose, because the current General Plan for Urban Development (PGOU) establishes that part of these lands are intended for housing and equipment.

For her part, Arantxa Tapia, maintains that Azpeitia’s urban plan does not prevent the reopening Corrugados and that at this time the obstacle for this project to prosper “is only political.”

The mayor of the town defends the legal position of the City Council in front of what Tapia affirmed: “I recognize that I do not feel comfortable in this media mess that does not lead us anywhere. I have been secretary of a city council of Gipuzkoa for thirteen years. With humility, but I believe that I have knowledge about the procedures The most common administrative and urban planning in town halls. And the function of the secretariat is to give legal guarantee to the decisions made by the town halls “after which it goes on to detail the keys of the General Plan of Urban Ordination of Azpeitia (PGOU) that they do not allow the opening of the plant in the urban nucleus, recalling that said plan was unanimously approved by EH Bildu and PNV in 2013 and that “they have become mandatory standards.”

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In his open letter, Alkorta asks Tapia for “respect” towards the City Council and the town of Azpeitia because, as he indicates, “it would be serious if, going beyond his powers, he questioned the autonomy” of the consistory. “It is not admissible to question the honesty and public responsibility of the technicians and political representatives of the Azpeitia City Council. And I respect the people of Azpeitia, because in its day the closure of Corrugados was dramatic for the workers and their families in particular, and the Azpeitiarras in general. Because removing the issue now, without a real project, can open the wounds “reflects Alkorta.

“I would not like to finish, without showing my willingness to collaborate. As I mentioned at the beginning of the letter, the Azpeitia City Council is willing to work for the opening of Corrugados, complying with all the necessary requirements. If there really was a will and an industrial project, we would sit down and get down to work “ends the letter.

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