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Our journey starts in the place where the first cherry trees were cultivated two thousand years ago on the whim of a traveling gourmet. Since then, the cherry has been a fruit that has been consumed, appreciated and studied from Spain to Japan. The cherry blossom symbolizes a great many things, including some political thought, but in almost all cases there is a common element: transience.

When the aeronautical engineers left the planes ready for take-off, the kamikaze pilots gathered on the runway. After bowing in the direction of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, they formed a circle and, clapping their hands, sang this song:

“If you are a man, no añpray this fleeting life The important thing is that the flowers fall and the man is brave. Give your luck to the wind. “

A flower that summons millions of people

The cherry blossom is beautiful but it lives for only a few days, from exuberance to disappearance. The cherry tree dedicates two percent of its annual life to this explosion, but its flowering summons millions of people in different parts of the world.

In pre-pandemic Spain, about two million people were added annually to the Jerte Valley, more than a million and a half cherry trees along some forty kilometers. María López Corrales, Doctor in Ingeniería Agrónoma, solves some doubts and puts in their place some popular beliefs.

In Japan, everyone should have a set of cherry trees nearby for the holiday of the hanami. Hana it’s flower and me alludes to the verb to observe. If you are a newbie at work, you will have to get up very early to go and reserve space under the cherry trees to give the best possible position to your fellow veterans.

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A seed of cinema

The cinema does not miss the slightest opportunity to film cherry blossoms, of which there are hundreds of varieties. The abbot of a monastery in the city of Notto, a follower of Zen philosophy, offered this explanation of the Japanese symbolist and protocol spirit to the film director Doris Dörrie, who a few years ago was filming in his monastery Cherry blossomüten –Hana mi (‘Cherry blossoms’): “carefully observing the rules allows the individual to conserve or regain the divine presence. It is about doing everything and at all times with the utmost dedication, discovering the universe in the most common activities; in other words , discover the divine presence even in a cloth for the dust “.

In the book The man who saved the cherry trees it is said that, in 2008, Japanese scientists gathered cherry seeds and sent them to the International Space Station to make a trip as part of the project «Cerezo del Espacio».

The seeds spent eight months in space, returned to the laboratory and were sown with a result that has shocked scientists because they gave life to a tree that grows at surprising speed. The specimen flowered six years earlier than expected according to its normal cycle, and even more strange, its flowers have only five petals each, while the species usually has 30.

Isabel Bolaños travels to the Spanish cherry tree space, El Jerte, to walk with a farmer among the cherry trees that sleep in the cold of winter.

If we had to choose a movie that represents the metaphoricality of this flower, we would be left with the wonderful work of art 5 centímeters per second, without disregarding the beautiful images taken in Kyoto to Memories of a Gice creamhe has.

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