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The king recalled this Thursday the “memory and dignity” of the victims of ETA and has sent “a message of encouragement and admiration” to their families, whose “strength and moral height” has ensured that “serves as a guide” to all Spanish people.

Felipe VI had these words of remembrance for the victims of terrorism during the celebration of Military Easter at the Royal Palace of Madrid, a military act marked again by the pandemic that this year celebrates the 240th anniversary of its creation by King Carlos III.

Coinciding with the tenth anniversary of the cessation of “brutal violence” by the terrorist organization, the king recalled “with great emotion” the victims of ETA -many of whom he recalled that they belonged to the Armed Forces and Forces and Corps of State Security – and has sent a message “of encouragement and admiration” to their families. “His strength and moral height serve as a guide for all Spaniards,” he has deepened.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has also remembered the tenth anniversary of the cessation of terrorist violence, who has recognized that society will always have “an unpayable debt of gratitude” with them and their families.

The Military Emergency Unit removes ash from the La Palma volcano. / Europa Press via Getty Images

“Appreciation and gratitude” to the military

The king has also expressed his “pride, appreciation and gratitude” for “the strong vocation to serve” demonstrated by the Armed Forces (FAS) during the past year in favor of citizens in the face of catastrophes such as the La Palma volcano, the pandemic or the temporary Filomena, which highlights that they are “a true reflection of society.”

The response given to the emergencies that occurred in recent months show, in the opinion of the Head of State, “the will, determination and solidarity” of the military. “They are, in short, a true reflection of our society. Their commitment is always guided by dedication to Spain and by a strong vocation to serve, which finds its guidance and constant moral encouragement in the principles and values ​​set forth in the Royal Ordinances and under the protection of our constitutional order “, he stressed.

From “mutual respect and loyalty, companionship, the sense of justice and total dedication” on the part of the uniformed men, according to Felipe VI, “a legitimate feeling of admiration and appreciation awakens in the whole of society.” “A feeling that, every year, is reinforced thanks to the efficiency with which you carry out your missions, and also because of the closeness and exemplary manner with which you do it,” he added.

In his eulogy, the king has cited the work before the emergence of the La Palma volcano; in the health crisis caused by covid-19 by collaborating in the tracking of those infected and in vaccination; in floods due to storms; in the damage caused by the storm Filomena and in the fires of last summer.

In all these scenarios, Felipe VI has stressed that the Armed Forces have confirmed their “dedication and versatility” to respond quickly.

“I want to express to you the pride of Spanish society towards the military institution. It is, without a doubt, the best reward and implies appreciation and gratitude towards your work and your values,” he emphasized.

The king has also recognized the task of the 2,700 members of the FAS and the Civil Guard who are deployed in peacekeeping operations abroad.

He has stopped in Afghanistan, which came to an end last year after almost two decades of deployment in the Asian country, and has praised the contribution of the military in the evacuation operation of Afghan collaborators.

Felipe VI has considered it pertinent to analyze with the allied countries the final results of the mission in Afghanistan to “extract the necessary lessons and lessons.”

Regarding the next NATO summit, which Spain will host in June this year, Felipe has assured that it represents a “recognition of the commitment” with the Atlantic Alliance and the “extraordinary” role of the soldiers in the different peace operations.

In response to his task, the king has demanded for the military “the attention they require, in their own safety and in their needs and concerns.”

“His dedication to our defense and his sacrifice for the common good of all Spaniards deserves it. His personal effort is also key to maintaining the intense level of activity that we carry out,” he praised.

Before concluding, Don Felipe has transferred the military who will always have “the permanent support of the Crown and of Spanish society.”

Like last year, the Military Easter ceremony has seen the number of attendees in the Throne Room significantly reduced, where only the authorities and the 16 decorated FAS and Civil Guard have been, and the subsequent cocktail has been suppressed .

Nor has there been an audience at the military parade with which the act began in the Plaza de la Armería.

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