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The CDC has announced that they will appeal the resolution: “It is a full-blown political persecution,” they have denounced.

The magistrate investigating the cause of 9N the investigation of the case has ended and it has concluded that the accusation against the former president of the Generalitat should be pursued Artur Mas, the former Vice President of the Government Joana Ortega and the former Minister of Education Irene Rigau for alleged disobedience and administrative prevarication.

The judge of the Civil and Criminal Chamber of Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has agreed to transfer it to the parties to request the opening of the trial and present the qualification briefs or request the dismissal of the case, reported this Tuesday in a statement in TSJC.

The magistrate has dismissed the request for dismissal that the defenses of those investigated had requested by the organization of the consultation on the independence of November 9, 2014.

The judge rejects in his resolution the justification given by those investigated that the entire process was left in the hands of the consultation volunteers after November 4 -when the Constitutional Court (TC) suspended the process-, without intervening the Generalitat.

The judge concludes that the private contractor service paid by the Generalitat and with the knowledge of the three investigated, “with full awareness of the disobedience” to the judicial suspension of the consultation process, as confirmed by emails between the Generalitat and the contractors in which confidentiality and tact were literally requested.

In addition, the volunteers had functions such as receiving and guarding the process material, but not collecting it, moving it, installing it, disassembling it or returning it, among other functions; the 9N official website – commissioned by the Generalitat – remained open after November 4; the CTTI of the Generalitat commissioned the computer programs for the voting data process, and asked the contracted company to reinforce the guard teams on the weekend of 9N.

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It also appears that the Ministry of Education acquired 7,000 laptops in October 2014 for voting; that the Government commissioned the Center d’Iniciatives a la Reinserció (Cire) to make ballot boxes, envelopes, ballots and other materials, and that the company contracted to collect and distribute it did so after November 4; and the Presidency contracted the fitting out of a pavilion for the International Press Center, where the vice president released data on the day of the vote.

It further alleges that the volunteers had a accident insurance contracted by the Government; that there was an institutional campaign for participation in the consultation; which educational centers of the Generalitat hosted ballot boxes; that Enseñanza held meetings without taking minutes, although it avoided giving written instructions to directors of institutes that were to host ballot boxes, although there were “verbal instructions” according to the testimony.

There will be recourse

The CDC spokeswoman, Marta Pascal, announced this Tuesday that former president Artur Mas and former councilors Joana Ortega and Irene Rigau will appeal the TSJC resolution: “It is a full-blown political persecution.”

At a press conference, he also announced that the party will file a complaint in the Supreme Court against the acting Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, for the conversations that were leaked with the director of the Anti-fraud Office of Catalonia (Oac), Daniel de Alfonso.

The complaint will be for alleged insults and slander, disclosure of secrets and attack against the authority in Catalonia, and the CDC does not rule out extending this legal action to other people, such as the director of the Oac, Daniel de Alfonso, or others who appear in the conversations .

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More denounces the “political intentionality”

Presidential Adviser Neus Munté said today she was sorry “shame” for the “impeachment” cagainst the former president of the Generalitat.

After today’s meeting of the Government, Mas has denounced the “political intention” of this judicial process, for which, he said, “All Democrats should blush.”

For the Government spokesperson, it is “a political trial from the first minute”, accompanied by “tactical movements” to try to liquidate the sovereign process.

Basque Government: “It is a mistake”

The spokesman for the Basque Government, Josu Erkoreka, has considered today that it is “a mistake to prosecute political decisions”, after learning that the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia has dismissed the appeals for the defense of the former Catalan president, Artur Mas, for the 9N case.

However, he has reiterated that “it is a mistake to prosecute political decisions and strategies” and has insisted that “whoever makes these mistakes does so irresponsibly because he knows that it does not lead to solutions.”

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