The judge investigates Mas, Rovira and Gabriel for rebellion in the ‘procés’




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According to the Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena, these and three other people were part of the “strategic committee to unilaterally declare the independence of Catalonia.”

The Supreme Court judge Pablo Llarena has agreed to expand the investigation that follows for a possible crime of rebellion in the process the former president of the Generalitat Artur Mas, the secretary general of ERC, Marta Rovira, and the parliamentary spokesperson of the CUP, Anna Gabriel, among others.

In a car that the Supreme Court has reported, the judge gives the same condition of being investigated to the president of the CUP parliamentary group, Mireia Boyá; to the general coordinator of PDeCAT, Marta Pascal, and the president of the AMI (Association of Municipalities for Independence), Neus Lloveras.

According to the judge, all these people would have been part of the strategic committee to unilaterally declare the independence of Catalonia according to the document ‘Enfocats’, the ‘procés’ roadmap seized at the home of Josep María Jové, number two of former vice president Oriol Junqueras , in prison since November 2 for his involvement in this matter.

“Another series of elements”

In his car, the instructor affirms that, in addition to the references to these people in the document “Enfocats”, there are “another series of elements that could corroborate what is included in this document.”

On the one hand, Llarena highlights that all these people appear identified as participants in some of the meetings that supposedly served to “devise and outline the process of rupture that is being investigated, as reflected in the agenda intervened on the occasion of the record carried out in the address of Josep María Jové Lladó “.

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In addition, Llarena adds that all these new investigators seem to have had a main and prominent participation in its development, “providing the political support required by the parliamentary action and the execution action that brought this process to completion”, as it is referred to in detail in the report prepared by the Civil Guard working in the case.

The Prosecutor’s Office asks that Trapero and Jové be charged

For its part, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court has asked the magistrate of the high court Pablo Llarena to investigate the former head of the Mossos d’Esquadra Josep Lluis Trapero and Josep María Jové, former secretary general of the Economy and number two of the dismissed vice president Oriol Junqueras, in the cause that instructs by the organization of the ‘procés’ for the crime of rebellion.

It states in a letter sent to the magistrate that the incorporation of Jové and Trapero to the cause as investigated is “absolutely inexcusable” due to their alleged participation in the central nucleus of the Catalan sovereign drift investigated by the high court.

With regard to Jové, the Civil Guard seized a Moleskine agenda during the search at his home that revealed the names of more than 40 people who participated in meetings reserved to plan the independence of Catalonia.

Josep Lluis Trapero is the only one who continues to be investigated for sedition in the case initiated by the judge of the National Court, Carmen Lamela, for the events of September 20 and 21 in Barcelona during the referendum searches.

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