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From Ayuso to the question of the Sahara, going through the possible electoral advance in Andalusia and the reduction of taxes. The new leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has reviewed the current situation during his interview with the Telediario after his meeting with the Prime Minister in Moncloa this Thursday. Both leaders have considered the meeting “cordial” although not very fruitful.

1. “The Government cannot continue to make mistakes in economic policy”

“It’s very disappointing leave after three hours of meeting without an agreement for the families”, Feijóo pointed out during his interview. “We are going to send President Sánchez an explicit reduction in personal income tax”, because “with an inflation of almost 10% families do not arrive”, has insisted to emphasize that if the Executive wants to reach agreements “the Government cannot continue to make mistakes in economic policy”.

Núñez Feijóo held his first meeting this afternoon with the Prime Minister in Moncloa as leader of the Popular Party. Although both leaders have considered this “cordial” meeting, it has not been very “fruitful”. Feijóo has proposed to the Government a temporary reduction in personal income tax that has not been taken into account.

2. “That Sánchez travels to Rabat without the approval of Congress is unheard of”

The ‘popular’ leader has also discussed the Government’s turn on the position with the Sahara on the same day that Sánchez traveled to Morocco. “That Sánchez travels to Rabat without the endorsement of Congress is unheard of,” he said after the PSOE remained alone in Congress today in its vote against an initiative presented by United We Can that it supported the referendum of the Saharawi people.

Feijóo has criticized all the “unknowns” surrounding the Government’s new position and has argued that he does not know “the benefits” of this change.

3. “The center-right must be united in Spain”

Questioned about a possible photo with VOX after the pact they have reached with the formation in Castilla y León, Feijóo has indicated that “I come here to try to widen my party”. He has recalled that in Galicia they do not hold any position or have parliamentary representation and has emphasized that “my goal is not to look towards other parties, it is to widen mine”.

Regarding the agreements with the formation led by Abascal, he has said that “I still think that the center-right must be united in Spain” because it is the only “alternative” to Sánchez. “A united center-right adds up to more than a fragmented one.”

4. “We are going to continue working against sexist violence”

Given the pact reached by Vox and the PP in Castilla y León to create a new law called domestic violence, the leader of the PP has been willing to work on the project.

Of course, “as long as the pact against sexist violence”, He has assured and maintained that “we are going to continue working against sexist violence”.

5. Electoral advance in Andalusia: “I give you my word that I don’t know”

On a possible electoral advance in Andalusia, Feijóo has defended Moreno Bonilla’s position. “He has looked to his left and to his right” in an attempt to push the government forward.

“I think the elections are in the fall, if they are in June or July it does not seem decisive to me. But if they ask me when they are going to be I give you my word of honor that I don’t know,” has settled.

6. “Ayuso is a determining figure in the future of Madrid”

The leader of the PP has wanted to claim the figure of the Madrid president Isabel Díaz Ayuso and has indicated that it is an “emerging and determining figure for the present and future of the Community of Madrid”.

Feijóo sees “logical” that he wants to preside over the Popular Party of the Community of Madrid and has assured that if “the Madrid PP congress” “we can do it in May, much better than in June”. “Everything is going to indicate that he is going to do it win convincingly,” he added.

7. “We have made mistakes, but the wounds are closed”

After the internal crisis that the formation has experienced and that ended with the leadership of Pablo Casado and has led Feijóo to the presidency, the leader wanted to clarify that the “wounds are closed”.

Questioned about the internal controversies, Feijóo stressed that “I don’t notice any tension in the party, I haven’t seen so much unity for a long time.”

8. Feijóo congratulates Almeida after the controversy in Madrid

“The fact that the City Council appears against any attitude that may be suspicious, I think is clear and transparent enough.” In this way, Feijóo has positioned himself on the side of the mayor of Madrid, Martínez-Almeida after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has filed a complaint against two Madrid businessmen, Luis Medina and Alberto Luceño, who allegedly sold sanitary material to the Madrid town hall for a value of 11 million euros.

“If there is someone who uses certain platforms to do business that it is clear that a politician must denounce him and this is what I have heard from Almeida and for that I congratulate him”, he concluded.

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